Take-out sushi at sea

Takeaway sushi at sea is soon to be a thing.

The list of things you have to leave behind while cruising just got a little bit shorter.

Cruises for small ships

At the entrance of Itsukushima Shrine, on the island of Miyajima in southern Japan, stands the renowned Great Torii.

If you want intimate destinations and boutique journeys then think places like Greece, France and Japan.

The Nile, without the crowds

More than 3000 years old, the magnificent Abu Simbel, originally carved from the faces of stone hills on the west bank ...

We had no crowds to fight as we strolled through the spectacular remains of the land of pharaohs.

New digs for dogs on cruise ship video

Ella Bean The Dog, who has 43,000 followers on Instagram, was invited on board the Queen Mary 2.

The newly-renovated Queen Mary 2 now welcomes pets on board, but would you pay $1000 to bring yours?

Cruise bans bottled water

The Norwegian Breakaway was launched in 2013.

Passengers on the Norwegian Cruise Line have been banned from bringing any bottled drinks on board.

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