High up on the high seas

21:22, Mar 18 2013
Kids cruising
STOKED: Daniel Chenu and Ziggy Kelly on cruise ship Carnival Spirit.

The first time my cousin Ziggy and I climbed to the top of the big staircase to try the Green Thunder water slide, we chickened out. We watched some other kids get into a tube and the man closed the door. You can hear a voice counting three, two, one and then the floor under their feet opens and they scream and fall straight down feet-first into the slide that goes out over the side of the ship.

You can hear them screaming the whole way down, all the way until they come out the other end. It looked awesome but we couldn't do it so came back down again and went in the smaller yellow slide and that was fun.

The next day we tried the big one again and we did it! It was really scary and you go really, really fast but we were so happy we did it.

Kids cruising
ALL DOWN FROM HERE: The green monster waterslide on Carnival Spirit is all about wet thrills.

Green Thunder was just one of the cool things we did on the cruise. We saw a dancing and singing show, we joined in a Scattegories game, played bingo and minigolf, and ping pong. The best thing we did was play basketball with some other kids and parents on a really windy day when the wind blew my hat all the way down the other end of the ship. It was like being in a hurricane - the wind pushed us so hard it made us run. My thongs blew off, too. Awesome.

We didn't go to the kids' club once but after dinner every night we did go to Techno Arcade room that had video games and air hockey in it - and you could just put your cruise card into the machines to make them work. And I beat dad at pinball.

We liked the food - they put a chocolate on our bed every night next to our towels, made into the shape of animals. The dog was our favourite. We loved the pizza and the ice-cream from the machine you can work yourself.


They took lots of photos of our family - Ziggy and I had one with the captain - and it was fun looking on the wall that had a million photos on it, trying to find ours. And we saw ourselves waving goodbye to Sydney on the first day on the TV in our room. That was funny.

The writer was a guest of Carnival Spirit.

Get on board

In 2014, Carnival Spirit has a five-night sailing to Tasmania departing Sydney on February 18 with cabins starting from $614 (quad interior); a three-night Sydney weekend sampler on March 21 and another sampler on September 25, with cabins on both cruises starting from $524 (quad interior).

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