10 things you never have to worry about on a cruise video

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A glimpse inside the giant Ovation of the Seas cruise ship.

Take these common things off your 'must worry' list right now.

1. Being bored

Plenty of people who've never cruised assume they will be bored onboard. It's almost impossible to be bored on a modern cruise ship with everything from Broadway shows to rock climbing walls to keep the whole family entertained.

Yes, there is plenty to see off the ship, but you won't get bored when you're on it.

Yes, there is plenty to see off the ship, but you won't get bored when you're on it.

2. Getting seasick

Cruise ships use state of the art technology to stay as stable as possible in the water, reducing the chances that you'll get seasick. You can also choose your cabin carefully to reduce the chances even further. If you're really unlucky and do feel unwell, there are plenty of over the counter medications available and it should pass in a day or so.

3. Bad weather

It's normal to worry about bad weather for any kind of holiday, but it really is a pointless exercise. The weather will be what it will be and you'll just have to grin and bear it. One of the best things about a cruise is that you're constantly on the move, so you won't be stuck in the bad weather for long.

4. Not liking the food

Cruise food has gone well beyond the standard (and unimpressive) buffet. With multiple restaurants onboard serving just about every cuisine you can think of, you're bound to find something appealing.

5. Noise complaints

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No matter how carefully you choose your cabin, you could get stuck next to some noisy neighbours or across from a crew cleaning station. Thankfully, cabins are usually fairly well insulated and you can always pack some earplugs to help you

6. Under (or over) packing

It's always hard to know how much to pack and most travellers rarely get it right. If you forget something, you can always buy it onboard or when you get to port. On the other end, be realistic and don't try to bring every outfit you own. Cruises are pretty casual environments, so don't fret and pack what you feel most comfortable in.

7. Other passengers

You'll be cruising with up to 6000 other complete strangers, so there's going to be a huge range of personalities onboard. But don't worry that you'll have problems – most people will go out of their way to be friendly onboard. And with such a big crowd, you can always avoid the people you don't like.

8. Itinerary changes

This is another one that's well and truly out of your control. Bad weather, mechanical problems or emergencies can mean the captain is forced to change your itinerary. If it happens, it happens. Roll with the punches and you'll still have a great time.

9. You won't like it

There's a good reason that cruising has soared in popularity over the past few years – it's great! With heaps of activities onboard and exciting ports to visit, you're bound to have a good time. Remember, any holiday is what you make it, so have fun!

10. Missing the boat

Ok, so you actually do need to worry about running late and missing your cruise altogether. The best way to avoid this, particularly if you have to fly into your departure port, is to arrive a day early. Make a solid plan for getting to your ship on time, allow plenty of leeway and then you don't have to worry.

Have you ever been on a cruise before? Did you like it, or do you prefer a different type of holiday? Let us know in the comments section below.

- OverSixty


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