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Time for a cool change

COLD ENOUGH? A pretty of chilly vista.

I love the freedom and flexibility of road trips.

Auckland's best-kept secret

For beach-lovers, the Awhitu Peninsula has the best of both worlds and is just over an hour from downtown Auckland.

Ancient history, new beginnings gallery

The American who is the future of NZ tourism


A great white shade of fear

Stalked by a shark

How close is too close to a great white shark?

Where feet are better than wheels

It might sound daunting, but Kakadu is the best place for learning to stand - and walk - on your own two feet.

SNORKELLING AGINCOURT REEF: 'She's behind me, isn't she?'.

20 reasons to visit Hamilton Island

There is something on this island to indulge all of your senses.

pacific islands

This is not the Tour de France

Scenic route: Cycling in New Ireland.

Nothing beats being greeted like a star when you're hot, sweaty and covered in dirt on Papua New Guinea's main cycling route.

Getting kava'd in Vanuatu

Going to a kava bar in Vanuatu is like going to a corner pub after a hard day's work.

One bloke's balancing act in paradise

Full of heavenly adventures gallery

uk and ireland

Death came in a bundle of cloth

BATTLING THE PLAGUE: The boundary stone where all food and supplies to Eyam were left.

A tailor who ordered a bale of cloth unwittingly triggered a chain of events that led to 260 villagers dying.

Legacy of the silent warriors

Spies and computers - what could there be to dislike at Bletchley Park?

What's at the other Abbey Road?

Travel guide to the RWC 2015


The sweet smell of Grasse

Green Grasse: The hilltop town is only 30 minutes from Cannes.

This fragrant pocket on the Côte d'Azur is only a short sniff from Nice and Cannes, writes Keith Austin.

The brilliance of Brighton

It's easy to see why this cheeky British seaside resort lures thousands of visitors every year.

Tourist numbers drop in Paris

Bungy jumping, sans rope, in Spain


Time travelling to Hawaii

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Fireworks explode over Waikiki Beach to ring in the new year.

NZ has an unusual advantage for NYE: it's one of the few places where you get the chance to replay the occasion.

The big paddle

This is the "Everest of sea kayaking," but the day's peak experience will have nothing to do with a high mountain.

Smile, you're in ukulele country

Guardians of Lanai


100 years protecting nature

Rocky Mountains National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park is celebrating record numbers of visitors as it marks its 100th anniversary.

Could you escape from this room?

You're trapped in a basement, frantically searching for clues to root out a spy defector and time is running out...

World's first Virgin hotel opens

Headed for Orlando? Here's what's new gallery

canada & alaska

5 free things to do in Vancouver

VANCOUVER GEM: A visitor to Stanley Park rides his bike along with his dog.

Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the world's most livable cities and many of its most beautiful attractions are free.

Natural beauty to spare

In Alberta's high country the Rockies march shoulder to shoulder flanking the road, peaks bristling, glaciers sparkling.

Escaping winter in Quebec

The best fast food

south america

What to expect in Havana

CLASSIC: Iconic yesteryear Fords, Dodges and Chevys parade Havana's boulevards.

Everyone warns you Old Havana is a facade, but it's impossible not to be taken by its charms, writes Bradley Klapper.

A hot, steamy and salty night gallery

There's only one way to spend a night in one of the world's most spectacular places.

What's the best country to retire to?

Celebration, skepticism in Cuba


Slimy snail facials? Eeek!

SNAIL CRAZE: A customer receives a beauty treatment with snails at a snail farm in Chiang Mai province.

The prospect of having my face crawling with slimy hermaphrodites did not immediately appeal.

A modern translation of Israel

Who lives where, and why, and at what social, economic, religious or cultural cost?

The new hooters in Tokyo gallery

The perfect arty escape from Tokyo


Dunes, camels and clay castles

SHIMMERING DESERT: My camel plodded through this remote corner of Morocco at the edge of the Saharan Desert.

I was following one of Africa's most mythic, and historic, trading routes: the road to Timbuktu.

Surprises at every turn

Once crippled by famine and drought, Ethiopia has moved on from its dark past, discovers Jill Worrall.

Johannesburg: the new hipster hotspot

The end of lion hunting gallery

middle east

Dubai holds US$1b shopping festival

SHOPPING FESTIVAL: Russian performers at Dubai Festival City during the shopping event.

Russian shoppers are staying away from the Dubai Shopping Festival, but visitors from elsewhere are still coming.

Hijabs and hospitality stuff nation gallery

Iran is a destination with more to offer than you might think - you just have to ask, writes Mike O'Connor.

Settlement squeeze

Visit Dubai, from the comfort of home

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