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Marlborough's best kept secret

Relaxed country atmosphere

You've probably driven past the Grovetown Hotel countless times without giving it a second thought.

'Everyone in NZ is fat' video

New Zealand promotes itself as 100% Pure destination - but what do visitors really think of Godzone?

NZ: 5 solo travel tips

The best small town in NZ


White whale calf frolicks with pod video

The white baby calf frolicking off WA's south west coast.

Hovering just above clear green seas, a drone has captured a pod of whales swimming with a white calf.

First drone footage of Uluru released video

Bird's-eye view offers a never-before-seen perspective of the 600 million year old monolith.

Mitchell Falls can be found in Australia's remotest national park in the Kimberley.

Northern Exposure

In this remote, almost inaccessible part of the world, you need to be self-sufficient and you need to be at one with this isolated, natural world.

pacific islands

3-minute guide to Port Vila

Iririki Island Resort & Spa is one of the most photographed parts of Port Vila.

It's of the most accessible Pacific paradises, and perfect when you're looking for some "island time".

A to Z of Vanuatu

As the last resort reopens following Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu's friendly locals are welcoming tourists to their beautiful island nation.

Auckland to Vanuatu on Air Vanuatu

Vanuatu resort with swim-up casino

uk and ireland

Lost in the beauty

The Wicklow Way crosses the Wicklow Mountains near Lough Tay. The trail is the oldest marked trail in Ireland and ...

Just two hours into a hike in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, I was already lost.

Adventurer climbs 50 metre sea stack video

Only two people have climbed this towering, 50-metre sea stack off Ireland's west coast.

Shopping, vintage style video

British may soon need EU visas video


Spend the night in Prague's Dancing House

The Dancing House in Prague.

Originally designed as an office building, access for visitors has been limited. But now a part of it has been turned into a hotel.

The greatest European airport

An airport you can surf in? Here are ten reasons this European airport is on par with Asia's best.

Don't call it the Czech Republic

Surviving world's biggest beer fest video


Snorkelling with green sea turtles

A green sea turtle.

Green sea turtles are shy types who don't care to be seen - trouble is no one told them that.

Tourists find Hawaii's hidden gem video

Nestled deep in the jungle, thrill seekers hike for hours across dangerous cliffs to reach the 10-metre flume.

Food revolution in Hawaii

Hawaii: Off the beaten track


World's biggest pop culture convention

Cosplayers at the San Diego Convention Centre.

Anything goes at Comic-con and that makes for one happy convention.

Inside Trump's $1k a night hotel video

Who doesn't want to sleep in king-size bed with a gold headboard in the shape of a crown?

'Blair' fears Witch invasion

Big eyes for the 'Big Apple'

canada & alaska

Treehouse hotel fit for hobbits video

The Eryn sphere's interior with views of the forest through the doorway, skylight, and table-side window.

Deep in Canada's rain forest, you'll find a hotel that is part Middle Earth fantasy and part childhood dream.

Rocky Mountaineer is a rare treat

They say every epic trip deserves an epic start and ours involves a red carpet, a Scottish piper, and champagne.

Yes, there is a town called Dildo

Not just a salad dressing

south america

Mexico's surreal Day of the Dead

Participants gather before the start of a candlelight procession at the end of a three-day "Day of The Dead" (Dia de los ...

Known for parades and masquerade, there is more to this celebration than zombie brides.

Surreal Day of the Dead

Don't even think about call​ Dia de los Muertos Mexican Halloween.

What to do to enjoy Peru

Great balls of fire video


North Korea's plan to draw tourists

North Koreans shield their eyes from the sun as they watch an aerial display in Wonsan, North Korea.

An air festival featuring sky diving, demonstrations by its air force and lots of beer should do the trick.

Happy families in Bali

 If Instagram is anything to go by, Bali is the hottest family destination right now.

Malaysia's overlooked island paradise

Zip-lining to my treehouse lodge


Amazing country no one cares about

View from Table Mountain.

It's far closer than London and New York but you won't find many Kiwi tourists here.

Traffic woes? Take a tro-tro

Sometimes the traffic is so bad that the city will be at a standstill, like last week, when a heavily-used tunnel in Accra was temporarily shutdown.

How not to get eaten by a lion video

How to plan for your African safari

middle east

Culture the heart of Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the cultural heart of Abu Dhabi.

Most people think of the Middle East as a stop over, but it's time to see it as the main destination.

Mega jet brings cheaper flights

Cheaper flights, longer stop overs but quicker flights; here's what the mega-jet means for travellers.

World's largest indoor theme park

Inside Dubai's rainforest hotel

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