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Crowing about Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster celebrations boosted tourism growth from China.

Chinese New Year contributed to the record 381,100 visitors who arrived in January.

Seeing NZ through a tourist's eyes

Despite the lack of good Guinness or a sing-song, my Irish friend reckons "It's the most beautiful country in the world".

Cruise ship Artania in port

World famous in NZ: Puzzling World


Melbourne on a plate

Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne.

Grant Smithies heads to Melbourne cold and hungry and comes back sunburnt and satisfied.

Town's massive watermelon fight video

Ravaged, skiied on and smashed: How playing with fruit became more profitable than selling them.

Iconic Australia: Even on its famous beaches, Australia can feel worlds apart.

10 least 'Aussie' places in Australia

From European architecture to Asian cuisine, these places are worlds apart from the Australia we know.

pacific islands

A study in contrasts

An aerial shot of New Caledonia's capital, Noumea.

From raucous farming fairs to catamaran cruises in a tropical paradise, it's easy to fall in love with New Caledonia.

Eye contact with a humpback stuff nation video

OPINION: Swimming with these gentle giants is true bliss in Tonga.

A to Z of Yasawa Islands

Summer lesson: 'Learn to exploit foreigners'

uk and ireland

A fairytale wagon hideaway

Escape to the countryside for a gypsy-style holiday in north Cornwall.

You can live like a Hobbit in this unique gypsy wagon home.

London's ancient past goes on show video

Skeletons from the 1665 Great Plague have been uncovered after Crossrail tunnel digs.

Pretty, crazy 'Outside In' house

Doggies' day out on the bus video


Carnivals poke fun at Trump

A carnival float featuring an effigy of US President Donald Trump pictured in Mainz, Germany. Political satire is a ...

Trump as an elephant, Trump as a schoolboy: There's one political figure taken centre stage in Europe's parades.

World's most remote location video

Translated as "suspended in air", the stone spires of Meteora give "getting away from it all" a new meaning.

Hotspot of the week: Venice

Italy's 9000-year-old city


Real Moana experience in Hawaii

The day breaks over Hokulea with Kualoa behind her.

The Disney movie holds special significance for Hawaii's voyaging heritage.

Obama's island dream

Take a look at the Hawaiian paradise where POTUS spent his last holiday as president.

Local bites in Hawaii

Love locks 'unsightly litter'


Hotspot: New Orleans

A Member of the Mondo Kayo Social and Marching Club parades down St. Charles Avenue on Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana .

The city rocks all year but its legendary Mardi Gras pumps up the volume.

'Fire' spews from waterfall video

It's an optical illusion that only occurs briefly every year, where flowing water glows like lava.

I would walk 2650 miles

Huge place with huge personality

canada & alaska

Welcome to Who-ville, Alaska

Visible for miles around, Goose Creek Tower has become a tourist attraction. The base is a typical small log cabin, with ...

Built without a blueprint, this 56-metre tall house looks like something from a Dr Seuss book

What you need to know about Canadians

They don't like to be mistaken for Americans and they love ice-hockey.

Canada's northern national parks

Where to get close to polar bears

south america

Brazil's biggest street party kicks off video

A reveller parades for the Nenen de Vila Matilde samba school during the carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on February 26.

Forget the recession, police strikes and corruption scandals: it's Carnival time and everyone is partying.

What to pack for South America video

When visiting this amazing continent it's not about what to bring, but rather what to ditch.

Where Mother Nature painted a rainbow video

Island at the end of the Earth


Inside mysterious Bhutan's sacred rituals

A black-necked crane.

The migratory birds hold a special place in the hearts and culture of the people of the Phobjikha Valley.

Hiroshima's children of the atom video

Your society demonised, culture usurped, city wiped out... it's little wonder there's an identity crisis.

World's weird (but cute) species

The real reasons Japan is hot


Kiwi v elephant – who survives?

New Zealand expat journalist Jane Wynyard came face to face with African elephant, ready to charge.

Frozen with fear, Jane Wynyard came face to face with an African elephant, the largest land mammal on earth.

South Africa eases visa process for Aucklanders

Those outside Auckland and Wellington still face a "costly" undertaking.

Sahara Desert covered in snow video

Snow falls in Sahara Desert

middle east

Holidays in Saudi Arabia a hard sell

Saudi visitors watch an aerial flying display over Mada'in Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Mada'in Saleh.

Its alcohol ban and strict dress code are red flags... but curious travellers want to tick it off their lists.

Life in the City of the Dead

Contemporary art is bringing life and colour into the once-drab necropolis.

Sailing the Nile stuff nation

Hitchhiking through Iran at 70 video

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