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Where to go when you're not into snow

The night sky above the Church of the Good Shepherd twinkles on a  clear night.

We've put together a list of non-ski, non-snow activity wintery goodness.

World famous in NZ: Onsen Hot Pools

These hot and steamy pools are magical on a cold, snowy day.

NZ 5th-most desired destination

Five epic views to inspire you


Hotel break-in: No-one cared

Anthony Dennis was in Noosa, Australia when two people broke into his hotel at 3.30am (file photo).

Anthony Dennis was in Noosa, Australia when two people broke into his hotel at 3.30am. No-one cared - not the police, nor the hotel.

Is NZ food ready to join world's best?

OPINION: Cuisine editor Kelli Brett on whether New Zealand restaurants should be among the world's top 50.

There are spectacular views out over the Freycinet Peninsula.

Top Tasmanian odyssey

British novelist Nicholas Shakespeare once described the Frecyinet walk as "the only trek".

pacific islands

Pippa's private island honeymoon video

Pippa Middleton.

After a lavish wedding, the newlyweds are off to a private island in French Polynesia, once owned by a famous actor.

The real Fiji

There was not a sandy beach in sight - and it was majestic.

Hotspot of the week: Pentecost Island

Turtle Island: Luxury with a capital 'L'

uk and ireland

Hot Spot: Pilton

It's worth trying to nab tickets to the world's biggest music festival at least once in your lifetime.

It's worth trying to nab tickets to the world's biggest music festival at least once in your lifetime.

7 days in enchanting Ireland

We're on a seven-day 1100km road trip from Dublin to drive and hike some spectacular craggy coastline.

Brits defy attackers with humour

From bank to boutique hotel


Road tripping in Dracula country

Transylvania - known for its gothic castles, gorgeous countryside... and of course, Dracula.

"There's wolves and Gothic castles and we might even wear Van Helsing hats."

Cities that are sick of tourists

Some of Europe's major cities are sick of stag-do crowds in suburbs, photo-taking foodies in local bars and window shoppers in markets.

Croatia's foodie centre

Bond tour of the Alps


Saints in exile

Even in treacherously rainy conditions, the mules are marvellously sure-footed.

On the back of a mule, we learn something of the dark history of Kalaupapa.

Shaking the business-class guilt

With all this space, it's hard not to feel bad for fellow flyers in economy. But the Champagne helps.

Best hotel views in Honolulu

Fear of flying taken to the extreme video


Chicago has vibrant community vibe

The architecture, the outdoors and world-class attractions make Chicago a great city to live and work in.

Living in Chicago, Daniel Thomas has come to see it as the most American of all cities.

Disneyland secrets: The unseen parts of the park

Did you know there are ghosts, dead bodies, a basketball court, and a palatial secret apartment hidden at Disneyland?

Total solar eclipse due in US video

Dr Seuss museum the place to go

canada & alaska

Resort run on water power

The concept is proposed to be located on a mountaintop in Victoria, British Columbia on a 840,000-square-foot site.

A luxury hotel concept in Canada proposes a "micro-climate" resort run entirely on hydro power.

How to run a restaurant on rails

The menu is impressive, considering the limitations on space and the constant motion of the train.

8 must-see Canada sights

Hanging by teeth over Niagara video

south america

Luxury hotels arrive in Cuba

A historic building is seen from the rooftop infinity pool at the Gran Hotel Manzana, owned by the Cuban government and ...

Despite fears Trump may hurt tourism boom, towering cranes dot the Havana skyline.

'Bikepacking' from Alaska to Argentina

Mark and Hana are a bit like Kiwi Bear Gryllses - born adventurers and pretty crazy.

This may be 'the meal of the decade'

Not Havana: Cuba's hidden gem


Malaysia with the family

Take in a panoramic view of the city from the top of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Combining sightseeing, amusement parks and shopping on a stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

Maldives on a backpacker budget

It’s possible to stay in the Maldives on a budget thanks to a change in the law allowing local islands to open guesthouses.

The sun sets on the New Lynn Night Market

Dog photobombs street view


Huge wildlife relocation

Buffalo will be among some of the 7,500 animals moved into the park over the next three years.

Conservationists are moving 7,500 animals to wildlife park in Mozambique - one of Africa's biggest animal relocations ever.

Africa's Big Five in one place

This massive wildlife park has forest, rainforest, savannah, dry desert, mountain moorland and swamp where wildlife roams freely.

Insider Tip: Botswana

Insider Tip: Cape Town

middle east

Shocks for visitors to Dubai

Dubai at night is spectacular. It's the biggest, the best and the most expensive of everything. Or is it?

It's the biggest, the best and the most expensive of everything. Or is it? 20 things that will surprise first time visitors to Dubai.

Gritty and creative: Alternative Dubai

Edgy art, indie designers and an emerging food scene: it isn't all about the glitz and glam.

King Tutankhamun's treasures moved video

A Middle East food tour

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