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An elegant trip back in time

WEIGHT OF HISTORY: The 1895 homestead.

If money is no object, there's no beating this well-hidden historic lodge near Christchurch.

A 'most epic' safety video video

Safety is fantasy in Air New Zealand's Hobbit star-studded safety video, directed by Taika Waititi.

Walking with the cheetahs video

Lonely Planet rates New Zealand


Discover your inner acrobat

COMFORT ZONE CHALLENGE: Preparing to leap into the unknown at Circus Arts training school in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay's hippie heritage lives on with a thriving circus community and environmentally friendly attitude to life

Posh digs across the ditch

A luxe Sydney haven is the ideal spot for a mums' getaway.

Whirlwind tour of Tassie

Melbourne in 8000 photos video

Idyllic: The Orpheus Island resort in Queensland.

Australia's fantasy island

This is a jewel in Australia's crown, where you can relax as the rich and famous might.

pacific islands

20 reasons to visit New Caledonia

VIEW FROM THE TOP: Turquoise lagoon with saltwater channels and white sandy beach.

Bathed by clear blue waters and white-sand beaches, this archipelago makes for a heavenly holiday.

Melanesian magic

New Caledonia's latest five-star resort has plenty to offer travellers looking to step-up the comfort levels.

French luxury near to home

Just like paradise

uk and ireland

A pioneering concept

Sunborn London is a gleaming super yacht.

There's no other accommodation option in London like this one.

Reversing a waterfall

High winds at the tallest waterfall in the Peak District are forcing the water back upstream.

London’s going to the bears

Right as rain in Edinburgh


Spanish town eyes GoT boost gallery

An employee arranges figurines from the series Game of Thrones

Fans of the Game of Thrones fantasy TV series are flocking to the historic Spanish town of Osuna.

The soul of Turkey video

The way you know a travel video is truly remarkable is when you feel like you visited a place after watching it.

In search of Monet's muse

The secret to happy travels


The big paddle

THE BIG PADDLE: Guides with Kayak Kauai drag a boat ashore in a surf landing at Polihale Beach State Park, at the end of the day-long paddle of the Na Pali coast.

This is the "Everest of sea kayaking," but the day's peak experience will have nothing to do with a high mountain.

Smile, you're in ukulele country

Nothing sets the humiliation bar higher than learning how to play the ukulele.

Guardians of Lanai

First came a fin


Boston is beautiful video

Julian Tryba layerlapse

We're not bored of timelapses but layer-lapse videos are an extremely impressive form of the craft.

Just shake it off video

Long queues? Flight delays? Lost luggage? Just generally having a bad day?

20 reasons to visit Washington DC

Beautifully weird and creepy

canada & alaska

Just glide on by in Canada

DOG PADLE: On a canoe adventure.

Canoeing in Canada offers cedar forests, placid lakes and a giant sky. You can't help but feel a bit like Davy Crockett as you paddle down the lake.

Franklin ship found

It’s not often that tourists are offered the chance to be part of history but that happened in Canada this month.

Up close with bears

Idyll characters

south america

The world's best steak

MEATY REPUTATION: A smoky, charred exterior encloses a tender heart.

I'm on a mission to find the world's best cookers of cow. Are these slabs of meat all they are cut up to be?

5 things to do in Jamaica

There’s far more to discover in Jamica than just beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

Anything but peaceful

When locals disrupt your plans


The soul of Turkey video

Leonardo Dalessandri's "Watchtower of Turkey"

The way you know a travel video is truly remarkable is when you feel like you visited a place after watching it.

Top 20 things to do in Bali

Behind the touristy image, the island offers a more graceful, enchanting side.

Thai skyscraper planned

High in the Himalayas gallery


Dangerous, delightful Nairobi

Pedestrians walk through a public park beyond the city skyline in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi recently was named Africa’s most expensive city.

Nairobi has a hustler's spirit; its gospel is self-enrichment. The horror of the Westgate mall attacks haven't been able to crush it.

'Ummm... is that a monkey in your top?'

There's no shortage of excitement in answering this question at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, where the answer might be, "Yes indeed — a baboon!"

World's biggest airport planned

A walk on the wild side

middle east

Egyptian temples in the sun

IN THE SUN: The Great Temple of Ramesses II (left) and Small Temple of Nefertari (right)

Hundreds of visitors gathered to watch a rare 3,200-year-old astronomical ceremony.

Soak in Saharan sands video

It's not just visitors in search of a cure who come here: many Moroccans also firmly believe in the power of the desert.

Burj Khalifa: Higher views

Google employs a camel video