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Christchurch's island sanctuary

Fataki, the 190kg leader of Orana Park's gorilla gang.

On the edge of the city is a safe home for endangered birds, reptiles and a gorilla troop.

Saving small towns, one loo at a time

Let's design more amazing public toilets so NZ can become famous for its trail of beautiful and inspiring loos.

Stroll high above Rotorua's Redwoods video

Remember the Castle? video


First drone footage of Uluru released video

Bird's-eye view offers a never-before-seen perspective of the 600 million year old monolith.

Bird's-eye view offers a never-before-seen perspective of the 600 million year old monolith.

A close-by capital, suffused with charm

Wellington's newest sister city bears some family resemblances, alongside endearing differences worth exploring.

Notel's airstream.

Inside world's most hipster hotel gallery

It's part caravan, part boutique... and it's on a rooftop in Melbourne. Need we say more?

pacific islands

A new wave of travel stuff nation

The village kids cooling off at the village we worked in.

Danial Erikson helped rebuild a damaged village that had been destroyed by cyclone Pam.

Eats and beats in Raro

If you're a foodie who appreciates fresh flavours and twists on traditional Pacific Island fare, you'll love Rarotonga.

Will 'The Rock' visit The Rock? video

A stopover in paradise

uk and ireland

Europe's biggest street party gallery

A performer participates in the parade at the Notting Hill Carnival in London.

Partygoers invaded London to celebrate Caribbean culture in a surge of colour and music.

Bog snorkelling champs in pictures gallery

The quirky sport was rumoured to be a way to attract tourists to a small Welsh town.

Thousands gather at redhead convention gallery

All the world's a stage in London


The world's most expensive house?

Villa Les Cedres, on the French Riviera, is on the market at NZ$1.5 billion.

This property is listed for sale at $1.5 billion. Yes, a billion. With a B.

Teen captures Norway's beauty

A Norwegian 17-year-old is putting seasoned travel photographers to shame with stunning drone footage.

30 hours in Barcelona

A tale of two cities video


Tourists find Hawaii's hidden gem video

The steep water slide is the result of a complex irrigation system.

Nestled deep in the jungle, thrill seekers hike for hours across dangerous cliffs to reach the 10-metre flume.

Food revolution in Hawaii

Hawaiian food is not all about Spam and macaroni salad served up from the buffet cart at a luau.

Hawaii: Off the beaten track

How aloha can you go?


Hotel that inspired The Shining

The isolation and eeriness of the Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write a certain novel in 1974.

The isolation and eeriness of The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write a certain novel in 1974.

Bringing the po-boy to Kiwi TV

An LA chef who cooks cool Cajun comes to NZ television

Is everyone really naked?

Mystical Mecca for New Agers

canada & alaska

Rocky Mountaineer is a rare treat

Gold Leaf Class features a glass roof to provide uninterrupted views.

They say every epic trip deserves an epic start and ours involves a red carpet, a Scottish piper, and champagne.

Yes, there is a town called Dildo

An hour's drive from the town of Come By Chance, past Spread Eagle Island, there's town call Dildo. No kidding.

Not just a salad dressing

A real Canadian winter

south america

Unforgettable Patagonia video

Walking to the base of the Torres del Paine requires every hour of daylight during the wintertime.

There's nothing like contemplating a life or death scenario to kick you out of an early morning slumber.

Rio: Tourists don't fit in

In togs like undies, awkward tourists don't even know the rules they're breaking.

Why is this lagoon so pink?

Ecuador appeals to tourists to return


15 things Kiwis do wrong in Asia

The full moon party started in late 1988 and has become one of the biggest tourist attractions for young backpackers.

From insisting on chopsticks, riding in tuk-tuks and getting drunk, here are our most common mistakes in Southeast Asia.

India to tourists: Don't wear skirts

Tourism minister tells women to avoid "skimpy" clothes and refrain from going out at night

Ski town defying population slump

Rabbit cafe's teething problems video


Hooting and shooting at hunger

The Executioner gives a trademark stare during the Homowo celebration of Ghana's Ga tribe.

Former Nelson journalist Stacey Knott gets immersed in a vibrant and intimidating Ghanaian festival.

3- minute guide to Marrakesh

The best things to see, eat and do in Morocco's top destination.

Hunt for macho men and spinsters

Gorilla smacks over Aussie tourist video

middle east

Inside Dubai's rainforest hotel

Guests can enjoy the first rainforest in the Middle East - even if it is a man-made one.

They have the world's tallest building and a ski resort in a mall. Now, it's a jungle in a hotel.

Sightseeing in Iraq, Afghanistan

New York City, Paris, Hollywood, Afghanistan?

The Mecca of hotels in Mecca

Sleep on the slopes in Dubai

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