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Gypsy daughter coming home

Jola Josie McDonald is returning from Norway to New Zealand to rediscover her gypsy roots.

Jola Josie McDoanld is returning from Norway to travel New Zealand and relive her mother's gypsy lifestyle.

5 things to do for non-skiers

Does the thought of hitting the slopes leave you feeling cold? Try these winter activities instead.

Queenstown festival parade

Snowmen, suits and street parades video


Top places to swim with animals

A tourist gets up close to a crocodile in Darwin's Crocosaurus Cove.

There is something magical - and a bit terrifying - about swimming alongside an animal in its own environment.

Luxurious haven in hiker's paradise

There's nothing better after a hard day's hiking than some time at the spa followed by a night by the fire.

'Songlines artworks is displayed on the Sydney Opera House.

Festival shines light on Sydney video

New drone footage of the Vivid light festival gives us a birds-eye view of the spectacular event.

pacific islands

10 reasons to visit Cook Islands video

The lagoons are ideal for family swims.

There are certain requirements to hitting travel happiness, and these are 10 ways the Cooks might meet yours.

A hypnotic ritual

It's scary, it's magical, it's thrilling - and it's a ritual that's not too far away.

Cook Islands: 15 things to do gallery video

Fiji four ways

uk and ireland

Kiwi travellers are Brexit winners

Now is the perfect time to plan a midwinter escape to London.

Kiwis will be snapping up cheap flights and holiday pounds as Brexit adds to a "golden era" of travel.

Thousands gather at Stonehenge gallery

More than 12,000 people watched the sun rise and celebrated the Northern Hemisphere's longest day of the year.

Pair travel 1000km with no money

The other London underground


Floating walkway overwhelmed video

People walk on the installation 'The Floating Piers' by Bulgarian-born artist Christo Vladimirov Yavachev, known as ...

Nearly 100,000 visitors have tested the yellow fabric walkway on Lake Iseo, Italy, causing it to close at night for repairs.

The Mediterranean's next big thing

Fierce knights, ancient cities, gorgeous swimming spots and the odd tortured genius.

Unearthly waterfall

Wanderluster of the week


Food revolution in Hawaii

Fresh fruit, grown on Hawaii.

Hawaiian food is not all about Spam and macaroni salad served up from the buffet cart at a luau.

Hawaii: Off the beaten track

If you're stuck in Honolulu, ditch the tourist traps. If you can get out of the city, definitely do - that's where the real Hawaii is.

How aloha can you go?

10 things not to miss on Oahu


How I got married in Las Vegas

The writer gets married, Vegas-style.

It was time to be married, and what to do. A white wedding with all the trimmings? Yeah, nah.

10 things to do in LA

With American Airlines now flying from Auckland to LA, here are some ideas for your next visit to the City of Angels.

Gold 'Wing'ing it across the USA

Brave enough to try the Skyslide? video

canada & alaska

A real Canadian winter

Huskies in the snow.

Just how cold is -25 degrees? I had no idea.

Whale statue lands city in hot water

How a public artwork has led to cruise bosses bringing a lawsuit in federal court.

In the passenger seat, off the grid

Guiding the way in Whistler video

south america

Easter Island's stone giants

The ancient Polynesian Rapa Nui people who populated Easter Island were not as isolated as long believed.

I round a bend and suddenly spot them on the coastline: 15 towering silhouettes, standing like black giants against a streaky grey sky.

One must-do South American experience

Machu Picchu may be top of the list, but there's something else you shouldn't miss.

A Caribbean island paradise

Lessons learned from making truffles stuff nation


First-timer's guide to Ho Chi Minh City video

Scooters are the main mode of transport in Ho Chi Minh City, with about six million scooters for its eight million ...

Amidst the heat and noise of southern Vietnam, there's both action and tranquility on offer.

What is making the water glow?

A photographer has captured the rare moment plankton surround swimmers and glow in dark waters.

The curious case of visiting Bhutan

Glass walkways terrify tourists video


Rhino charges photographers' car

The rhino decided to stop its charge about 20cm from the car door.

"Ok, put the camera down now... no really, put the camera down!"

Kiwis make their presence felt everywhere

On the plane from Nelson to Auckland, the first leg of my journey back to Ghana two weeks ago, I nearly cried.

Tourists keep distance from gorillas

NZ's answer to Bindi Irwin stuff nation

middle east

The Dubai you don't know

Take a traditional abra ferry for a different view of Dubai.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, there's another side to this Persian Gulf city.

Monument discovered with Google Earth

The stone platform which is as long as an Olympic swimming pool and twice as wide was previously unknown.

Inside Etihad's first-class lounge gallery

Dubai: Top 5 things to do video

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