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A rural retreat in Kaikoura

You'll come across plenty of these woolly gargoyles along the way.

There we are, alone in the bush, when we turn a corner and come face to face with the beast.

Wild about our wildlife

New Zealand is known for epic scenery but maybe not for its wildlife.

Gaining island eyes on the Chathams

Best Auckland mini-breaks


The Great Barrier Reef is still magnificent

Contrary to recent reports, the Great Barrier Reef is not dying.

From the moment we hit the water, the majesty is apparent. It doesn't look dead at all.

20 reasons to visit the Gold Coast

From resorts and cruises to shopping and surfing, this is the best the Gold Coast has to offer.

When the water gets too warm, algae become chemically destructive to the coral.

'Staggering' damage to epic reef

Obituary penned for Great Barrier Reef but coral scientist says it can recover from brink of death.

pacific islands

3-minute guide to Port Vila

Iririki Island Resort & Spa is one of the most photographed parts of Port Vila.

It's of the most accessible Pacific paradises, and perfect when you're looking for some "island time".

A to Z of Vanuatu

As the last resort reopens following Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu's friendly locals are welcoming tourists to their beautiful island nation.

Auckland to Vanuatu on Air Vanuatu

Vanuatu resort with swim-up casino

uk and ireland

Visiting UK got a whole lot cheaper

From a pint to a jaunt around the Tower of London, Brexit has done tourists a favour.

From a pint to a jaunt around the Tower of London, Brexit has done tourists a favour.

World's smallest museum?

An English village has submitted a converted phone box to the Guinness World Records.

WWII's Enigma-breaking Bletchley Park

Lost in the beauty


Melting moments in Morocco

Riad Yeux Bleus in the evening.

You can escape the frenzied pace of everyday life in the mountains outside Marrakesh.

Rare stay at Dracula's castle

For the first time since 1948, two people will be allowed stay at the fortress on Halloween night.

Dining like James Bond video

How could you say 'nein'?


Snorkelling with green sea turtles

A green sea turtle.

Green sea turtles are shy types who don't care to be seen - trouble is no one told them that.

Tourists find Hawaii's hidden gem video

Nestled deep in the jungle, thrill seekers hike for hours across dangerous cliffs to reach the 10-metre flume.

Food revolution in Hawaii

Hawaii: Off the beaten track


America's weird, wacky city

The Hawthorne Bridge and downtown Portland, Oregon.

These ten attractions make Portland as fascinating as it is quirky.

Flying with Disney's Moana video

Hawaiian Airlines has unveiled a Pasifika princess-themed plane which will fly from Auckland to Honolulu.

Little bite of the Big Apple

Jurassic Park opens (sort of)

canada & alaska

'Tourists, thanks but don't stop by'

Pacific Walrus are shown in Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. For the lumbering, long-tusked marine mammals, ...

A remote Alaskan village has a message for visitors hoping to see 35,000 walrus that have come ashore: Stay away.

3-minute guide to Okanagan Valley

The place has a rep for its wines, its mountain biking and its climate.

Treehouse hotel fit for hobbits video

Rocky Mountaineer is a rare treat

south america

Four days to Machu Picchu

The sun has just risen over Machu Picchu as we make our descent from the Sun Gate to the ruins.

An unforgettable four days hiking the Inca Trail.

South America on a Shoestring

Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Inca ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife.

Inside South America's best hotel

Mexico's surreal Day of the Dead


Hong Kong's cute food trend

Adorable eats at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Shop.

The latest food trend to come out of Hong Kong is so adorable, it's been named just that: "adorable eats".

Nuclear plant open to tourists

A former top secret nuclear base and the biggest man made cave in the world is now open for visitors.

What visitors to Thailand need to know

China's 688-metre escalator video


Colourful followers of fashion

Models at Accra Fashion Week.

There's a fairly new tradition here in Ghana which means on every Friday, offices are awash with bold, beautiful and cheerful colours - more so than usual.

Pyramid's hidden secrets video

One of the ancient pyramids has two previously unknown "cavities". Could they be undiscovered rooms?

Ethiopia's ancient stone churches stuff nation

'Keep still!' A real close encounter video

middle east

Syria's strange tourism video video

The fictional Game of Thrones world of Westeros is engaged in its own civil war.

The war-torn country has borrowed the Game of Thrones soundtrack to promote itself as a travel destination.

Two weeks in Iran stuff nation

Many delights and surprises await the western traveller to Iran, the modern-day Persia.

Rare glimpse inside Egypt's tombs gallery video

Culture the heart of Abu Dhabi

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