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From rail line to cycle trail

Tamdem bikes, rather than trains, are set to travel along the mothballed Gisborne-Wairoa rail line.

Mothballed rail line between Gisborne and Wairoa set to become tourist cycle trail.

New Plymouth - NZ's best city? video

A travel writer has heaped praise on New Plymouth, but he says free activities would limit tourism growth.

Trampers' fee to walk Te Araroa?

Formula 1 of the air arrives in NZ


Adele cheaper in Australia

Adele will perform three shows this week.

It costs quite a bit to see the singer in Auckland. You'd get more bang for your buck going overseas.

Rail rations: Feeding 300 guests

50kg of barramundi, 40kg of steak, 352 lemon meringues. Just another journey on The Ghan.

Beachgoer captures neon blue algae illuminating Aussie beach.

Algae turns beaches neon blue video

A natural phenomenon nicknamed "sea sparkle" is lighting up the waters off Australia.

pacific islands

Norfolk Island: A rebel's paradise video

Emily Bay is protected by a coral reef, and is a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Most locals are direct descendants of the Bounty mutineers - and they're proud of their heritage.

Around Tahiti in five days

Explore the bustling capital before taking off into the lush, green heart of the country.

A study in contrasts

Eye contact with a humpback stuff nation video

uk and ireland

Industrial 'treehouse' plan revealed

Canopy & Stars will give eager glampers the opportunity to spend a night in crane overlooking Bristol Harbour.

Lucky glampers will soon have the opportunity to spend the night in a crane treehouse overlooking Bristol Harbour.

Sleepover at 135m above ground

Soar high in the London Eye while enjoying a champagne dinner in the aerial boudoir.

Belfast: Embracing conflict

A picturesque land of pirates


Cheapest European cities to travel

Two nights' accommodation, airport transfers and an evening meal will only cost you $244 in Paphos, Cyprus.

Two nights' accommodation, airport transfers and an evening meal will only cost you $244 in Cyprus.

10 places to celebrate Easter

Yes it's religious but it's also about tulips, chocolate eggs and spectacular celebrations.

Europe: You will never bore me

Perugian fruits of the loom


Land of lava and Obama

There's quite a lot of lava in Hawaii, but there's no need to run.

Think Hawaii's all about shirts and pineapple pizza? There's 18 things you need to know before you go.

Hawaii: The ideal holiday

If you’re a foodie, family, or adventurer, these are the best things not-to-miss when holidaying in Hawaii.

Real Moana experience in Hawaii

Obama's island dream


3 minute guide to Boston

Tourists enjoy sightseeing from the famous Swan boats in Boston Public Garden.

No American city has a history as strong and as long as Boston.

If you're going to San Francisco...

Wear some flowers in your hair and take a walk around Haight-Ashbury for a potted history of hippiedom.

Where movie-magic is made

Too close for comfort video

canada & alaska

Welcome to Who-ville, Alaska

Visible for miles around, Goose Creek Tower has become a tourist attraction. The base is a typical small log cabin, with ...

Built without a blueprint, this 56-metre tall house looks like something from a Dr Seuss book

What you need to know about Canadians

They don't like to be mistaken for Americans and they love ice-hockey.

Canada's northern national parks

Where to get close to polar bears

south america

A capital affair

Santiago is flanked by the snow-capped Andes ranges and is often the first stop for visitors wanting to explore South ...

Football, food, and a certain cocktail stir the passions of two of South America's most vibrant capital cities.

Inside Central America's best resort

Costa Ricans have an expression, "Pura Vida," meaning pure or good life. I have found it here.

Disney castles under siege video

Dream home raffled for $41


Asia's six best Chinatowns

Chinatown in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, Japan.

Yokohama's has a raucous, colourful appeal, while Bangkok's Yaowarat Road area has high-energy markets.

Island where people live longest

There are more centenarians here than anywhere else. But is the secret diet or happiness?

Three-minute guide to Beijing

Anime theme park to open


Stunning country no one visits

The private island of Quilalea, on a marine sanctuary, is a short helicopter or boat ride from mainland Mozambique.

The white sand beaches of Mozambique have more coconut palms than people on them.

Rely on tourism at your peril

One of the world's tourism superpowers is moving it's focus back towards agriculture. Here's why.

Kiwi v elephant – who survives?

South Africa eases visa process for Aucklanders

middle east

Inside Banksy's Bethlehem hotel video

The hotel has been fully booked until June.

The West Bank hotel has welcomed its first guests and though there's not much of a view, it's booked out until June.

6 things to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a wealth of architectural wonders and more are waiting in the wings.

Sharjah: Life in the lesser known emirate

Jordan's 'lost city'

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