Wild times in the lap of luxury

Wake up to see the elephants at Khwai River Lodge.

Khwai River Lodge blends seamlessly with the wild Botswana terrain.

Marooned in Madagascar

Lemurs are feed by a caretaker at Antananarivo's Tsimbazaza Zoo Madagascar.

The Lemurs' Park is rated one of the city's top attractions, but you wouldn't know it from the number of visitors.

Adorable baby elephant plays with birds video

It's not great at chasing away the birds but this baby elephant is definitely having fun.

This baby elephant playing with birds is all you need to make your day better.

Conquering Big Daddy

Tourists at the base of Namib-Naukluft Park dune Big Daddy

Climbers who make it can look out over Deadvlei - an eerie salt pan dotted with blackened skeletons of camel thorn trees.

'The most luxurious train in the world'

The Pride of Africa is the self-styled 'most luxurious train in the world'.

To board this South African experience is to step back into an age of opulence ... and of going slowly.

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