Look an elephant in the eye

Ever had a wild elephant look you in the eye? From so close that you feel it reading your mind? 

Dangerous, delightful Nairobi

A walk on the wild side

Dangerous, delightful Nairobi

Pedestrians walk through a public park beyond the city skyline in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi recently was named Africa’s most expensive city.

Nairobi has a hustler's spirit; its gospel is self-enrichment. The horror of the Westgate mall attacks haven't been able to crush it.

'Is that a monkey in your top?'

In Namibia, guests at N/a’an ku sê wildlife sanctuary become mobile jungle gyms on a stroll to a watering hole.

There's no shortage of excitement in answering this question: "Yes indeed — a baboon!"

World's biggest airport planned

The control tower of Al Maktoum International Airport is seen at Dubai World Central.

Dubai's ruler has endorsed a US$32 (NZ$38.66) billion expansion plan for the city's second airport that aims to make it the world's biggest.

A walk on the wild side

ADORABLE BABY LIONS: It's kind of like they took a kitten and crossed it with a savage animal too naive to realise it will one day be able to maul you and feast on your carcass.

There are a few things they tell you when you’re about to walk with lions.

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