Not so desert plain

Desert-adapted elephant and calf walk through Hoanib riverbed

No David Attenborough documentary you have ever watched could have prepared you for this reality.

'Mad Max: Fury Road': Namibia

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The crimson deserts, dramatic dunes and stark mountain ranges of Namibia make a magnificent film set.

Tourists trickle back into Egypt

Ancient monuments stand illuminated in the evening at the Temple of Luxor in Luxor, Egypt.

Years of political tumult upended Egypt's tourism industry. But now, tourists return.

In the home of the Rastas

One of the many tributes to former Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie to be found in the town of Shashemene, the home of Ethiopia's Rastafarian community.

The spiritual home of Rastafarianism in Ethiopia is said to be full of dodgy two-bit hustlers and drugged-out bludgers.

Scorched earth video

Afar dwellings on a bed of scoria.

Descending into a place once dubbed the cruellest on Earth... Ethiopia.

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