How to holiday like a billionaire

The luxury Kasbah Tamadot retreat.

Nina Karnikowski explores Richard Branson's luxury retreat in the Atlas Mountains, one of the most opulent hotels in Morocco.

Meet BigBird, the friendly pelican

BigBird washed ashore at Greystoke Mahale two years ago and has been there ever since.

This pelican enjoys sea kayaking, long walks on the beach, and having dinner with his mates at camp.

Akwaaba: Welcome to Ghana

A busy street in Ghana's capital Accra

Nelson journalist Stacey Knott is in Ghana, where her new life begins by getting locked in a toilet.

Seeking a digital detox video

A dhow or traditional sailing boat, at sea near Ibo Island.

Dhow safaris are for travellers seeking a digital detox, a holiday from phones, emails and electricity.

The hottest place on the planet video

The Dallol craters are the Earth's lowest known subaerial volcanic vents. The most recent of these craters, Dallol, was formed during an eruption in 1926.

"Destroy the ring Mr Frodo! Throw it in the fire!" I can't help but yell.

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