Next must-go country: Mozambique

Visitors take to the water off Azura Quilalea.

5:00 AM  With its turbulent, war-torn history a distant memory, now is the perfect time to mosey over to untouched and quiet Mozambique.

Rely on tourism at your peril

Tourism's vulnerable to big shocks. Just ask Egypt.

One of the world's tourism superpowers is moving it's focus back towards agriculture. Here's why.

Kiwi v elephant – who survives?

New Zealand expat journalist Jane Wynyard came face to face with African elephant, ready to charge.

Frozen with fear, Jane Wynyard came face to face with an African elephant, the largest land mammal on earth.

South Africa eases visa process for Aucklanders

New Zealand passport holders new need three-month visas to visit South Africa.

Those outside Auckland and Wellington still face a "costly" undertaking.

Sahara Desert covered in snow video

Snow has not fallen in Ain Sefra since February 18, 1979.

Sand dunes become ski slopes after freak weather leaves desert blanketed by one metre of snow.

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