Gorilla smacks over Aussie tourist video

The gorilla takes a swipe at Gemma Cosgriff.

"I was fearing for my life in that split second," says honeymooner knocked down by a 300kg gorilla.

Salvation for Liberia's ex-lab chimps video

Lucy, an orphaned chimpanzee, wasn't expected to survive.

A Kiwi journalist encounters former laboratory chimps, left on an island to die.

Barefaced cheek of daylight robbery

The barefaced and bottomed thief eats the ill-gotten spoils.

Lying on the bottom bunk of a shabby motel in the Northern Region of Ghana, feeling drowsy from the heat, with my friend on the bunk next to me, there was a loud bang at the door.

Rhino charges photographers' car

The rhino decided to stop its charge about 20cm from the car door.

"Ok, put the camera down now... no really, put the camera down!"

Kiwis make their presence felt everywhere

Sir Lockwood Smith says West Africa is the world's next big development area.

On the plane from Nelson to Auckland, the first leg of my journey back to Ghana two weeks ago, I nearly cried.

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