Amazing country no one cares about

View from Table Mountain.

It's far closer than London and New York but you won't find many Kiwi tourists here.

Traffic woes? Take a tro-tro

One of the run-down tro-tro vans that has seen better days in Accra. PHOTO: STACEY KNOTT

Sometimes the traffic is so bad that the city will be at a standstill, like last week, when a heavily-used tunnel in Accra was temporarily shutdown.

How not to get eaten by a lion video

Lions are seen around a vehicle at the Safari garden in Myanmar's capital Naypyitaw.

When your holiday to Africa requires you to plan for such things, it becomes so much more exciting.

How to plan for your African safari

Zebras gather together at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

To make the most of your African adventure, you'll need a great guide, a tent and a big bottle of fly spray.

Getting to grips with cultural shift

Former Nelson journalist Stacey Knott is adapting to the cultural quirks of living in Ghana.

Almost a year into her life in Ghana, former Nelson Mail journalist Stacey Knott reflects on theĀ art of dealing with being called fat, preached at or interrogated by strangers.

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