The forgotten Kiwis

More than 100,000 labourers and POWs lost their lives during the construction of the Thailand-Burma railway during WWII. ...

There were 13 Kiwis taken as POWs where they were forced to work on the infamous Death Railway.

'Life-changing' N.Korea trip

Running into a cheering stadium of North Koreans was a surreal experience for Matt Kulesza.

North Korea remains one of the most fascinating travel destinations, provided people follow the local laws.

Beyond Gallipoli: The rest of Turkey

The Sea of Marmara and the Prince's Islands are a short ferry ride from Kabatas.

To most Kiwis, and Aussies too, Turkey means one thing: Gallipoli. But what if you need some downtime?

10 untranslatable Japanese words

Don't like hot drinks? You have nekojita.

Don't like hot drinks? Always have room for sweets? The Japanese have words for that.

Why you need to trek the Himalayas gallery video

A view of the Himalayas from Poon Hill.

There is no feeling quite like standing at the foot of the world's tallest mountain range – above the clouds, above the stress of modern life.

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