The sun sets on the New Lynn Night Market

Shian Taithul of The Wise Collective serves home made delights at the market.

Night market set to close, as floods then dwindling numbers see local board pull funding.

Dog photobombs street view

Daum's "Street View" photographer had company on his trip around Jukdo.

On a small South Korean island, an adorable dog has made its presence known with a photobomb spree.

Insider Tip: Singapore

If you think Singapore is all skyscrapers and shopping malls, think again.

If you think it's all skyscrapers and shopping malls, think again.

Inside an adults-only paradise video

The overwater Villas at Club Med Finolhu.

From the lap pool we can see baby sharks and eagle rays glide by. We're in an overwater villa so big it's almost the size of the average New Zealand house.

Shanghai: street foodie's paradise

My love affair with real Chinese food began with the first bite of a dumpling I bought from a Beijing corner stall with ...

We snack on chilli-covered roti, savoury Chinese crepes and lean pork dumplings.

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