It's my room, I'll cry if I want to

A hotel in Japan is offering women a special room to cry in.

In Japan, you can check in to a hotel room to have good bawl when life gets you down.

Ten reasons to cruise the Mekong

Cambodia's Angkor Wat basks in evening sunlight.

A cruise down the Mekong gives you a insight into everyday life in Vietnam and Cambodia.

20 reasons to visit Delhi

Delhi ride

It once seemed like Hell on Earth. But India's most chaotic city has transformed.

Cambodia: where empires fell

A statue at the nearby ruins, some of the most impressive in Cambodia, which have survived wars, looting and neglect on the isolated frontier with Thailand.

In the clearing near the temple entrance, it looked like musicians were getting ready for a performance on the green.

Up a hill for tea

Novice Buddhist monks play tag in Pankam in Myanmar's hill country.

A visit to the hill tribes of northern Myanmar means sharing in a divine gift.

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