Paradise as usual in Phuket

PARADISE AS USUAL: Tourists deserted Phuket after the 2004 tsunami, but have since returned in droves.

Tourists shunned Thailand for a year after the 2004 tsunami, but that didn't stop them returning in droves.

World's most seductive island

GOLDEN TEMPLE: The giant statues at the Dambulla Caves.

Women sashay past, saris fluttering and hips swaying rhythmically to the thumping drums.

Add Shanghai to your to-do list video

Kiwi expat Mary Jane [MJ] Bethel is making it big in Shanghai as the owner of a small business focused on shopping tours.

Doing business in Shanghai takes courage and a good smartphone app.

A little monkey business

SERENE: The courtyard at Gokarna Forest Resort is set for dinner.

Don't leave windows open, we're told, because if a monkey climbs in all hell breaks loose.

Hawker food steps up to the plate

Rickshaw noodles, Clifford Pier Restaurant.

A new generation of upmarket hawker food is transforming Singapore's dining landscape.

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