Mob roughs up HK journalists

Tens of thousands of protesters gather to listen to the talks between the government officials and the protesters tonight at the main protest site in Hong Kong.

Three journalists were roughed up in Hong Kong after being confronted by pro-government protesters.

Victim to be buried in NZ

KILLED IN BALI: Robert Kelvin Ellis, pictured with his wife Julaikah Noor Aini, was found with his throat slashed. His wife has confessed to ordering a hit on her husband.

An Indonesian woman arrested for organising a hit on her Australian husband claims he kept her poor, but neighbours disagree.

Injured man crawled for three days

Malaysian police said the man showed up at a remote village.

Man crawled for three days to a village after crash off a Malaysian highway into ravine left him injured and passenger dead.

Japan minister under more pressure

Japan's Industry Minister Yoichi Miyazawa took the job just days ago.

Japan's industry minister is under renewed pressure over his stake in operator of Fukushima nuclear plant that he oversees, just a day after admitting his underlings spent office cash at sex bar.

Man mauled, bitten by tiger

CONTROVERSIAL PARK: Chinese tourists pose for pictures with one of Tiger Kingdom's attractions in July this year.

Australian man recovering in Thai hospital after fending off attack in tourist petting enclosure.

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