'Hotel of Doom' may open its doors

City centre of Pyongyang with skyscraper and traffic. The Ryugyong hotel has sat, unfinished, for almost three decades. ...

Lights on inside North Korea's unfinished Ryugyong Hotel fuel rumours the skyscraper is being revived.

Full of beans in Bali

Bali Pulina Plantation has picturesque views.

Is it taking experiential tourism too far when you pay top dollar for the world's most expensive toddy cat coffee?

Japan’s bizarre hot-tub rollercoaster

The spa-themed amusement park will feature rollercoasters filled with hot spring water

A proposed spa-themed amusement park will allow visitors soak in hot pools while riding on rollercoasters.

More to Indonesia than Bali

Visit Borobudur Temple early in the morning for the sunrise.

Next time you visit Bali, spread your wings and explore Java.

Tourist sights worth braving crowds for video

Tourists gather on the Great Wall outside Beijing.

For every gorgeous shot of a world wonder there's another of a massive tourist crowd.

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