South East Asia's greatest train journey

The bones of this train are old and must be treated with great care.

There's a surprise and a fragrant delight around every bend on this evocative rail journey.

Hiroshima: destruction and renewal

Hiroshima: It's hard now to visually reconcile the devastation of the 1945 atomic explosion with the beauty of the area.

The modern city of Hiroshima stands as a thriving, living symbol of resilience and recovery.

Japan's subculture of train fanatics video

The Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan currently consisting of 2764.6km of lines with maximum ...

They're called tori-tetsu, and just as Japan's trains are in a league of their own, so too are its trainspotters.

China's spine-tingling glass bridge video

The new glass bridge at Mount Langya.

Enthusiasm for vertigo-inducing attractions continues with a bridge 450 metres above a rocky gorge.

Kooky night in a bird's nest

The Bird's Nest Villas are the most desirable at Keemala resort on Phuket.

Set on a jungle-clad hillside with villas clinging to it, this Thai resort is slightly weird, but in a great way.

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