The luxury train that's totally unreal

The staff outnumber passengers on the Maharajas' Express, ensuring impeccable service.

5:00 AM  The Maharajas' Express is the best train in India by some measurements, and the best in the entire world by some others.

Hiking and the haiku

A rest stop along the Nakasendo Trail.

5:00 AM  It's a gorgeous part of Japan, with peaks that rise to 3000 metres, mossy forests of cypress trees and patchy farms.

Where the hip hang in Hong Kong

The barman at the uber-cool Foxglove in Hong Kong.

5:00 AM  They say Hong Kong has 13,000 restaurants, making dining there a mystifying smorgasbord of ever-changing options.

Beijing: Working up an appetite gallery video

Dumplings for sale at the night markets in Beijing.

5:00 AM  Smoke billows out of the brightly lit stalls as sticks of all sorts sizzle on the hot plates.

The songbirds of Saigon video

One of the songbirds' owners has a laugh with a fellow enthusiast in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5:00 AM  Ho Chi Minh City is all heat and noise, but there's one place where you can find serenity - and a beautiful tune.

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