Nine cool Indian music festivals to attend

Enchanted Valley Carnival

Music festivals are magical, combine them with an exciting travel experience and you have the best holiday package.

World's longest glass bridge

The new glass bridge in the  Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon area.

China is set to open the world's longest and highest see-through walkway.

Cruising currency conundrum

Think about how much local currency you'll need before you touring Asia, but there are always more options if you run out.

If your cruise stops at ports with different currencies, transactions can get confusing.

See the Taj Mahal the non-tourist way

The Taj Mahal is seen from the South in Agra, India.

Through the smoky haze I can see the world's most famous monument. And there are no tourists around.

A train trip fit for a royal gallery

The Rajah Club on board the Maharajas' Express.

You will want for nothing on board this incredible train.

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