Slimy snail facials? Eeek!

SNAIL CRAZE: A customer receives a beauty treatment with snails at a snail farm in Chiang Mai province.

The prospect of having my face crawling with slimy hermaphrodites did not immediately appeal.

A modern translation of Israel

ROOFTOPS OF THE OLD CITY: Almost all the literature indicates that the Nazareth of biblical times was a hamlet; now it’s a sprawling, commercial city of some 60,000.

Who lives where, and why, and at what social, economic, religious or cultural cost?

The new hooters in Tokyo gallery

Owl cafe

In Tokyo, you can also spend an hour at a cafe holding a great horned owl.

The perfect arty escape from Tokyo

The Woods of Net by Toshiko Horiuchi.

The stunning Hakone Open Air Museum is as far from stuffy as you can get and adds another dimension to a weekend spa escape from Tokyo.

China to 'shame' unruly tourists

SNAPSHOT: Tourists posing at the ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. But the Chinese government says not all Chinese tourists behave well overseas.

China encourages citizens to film Chinese tourists' bad behaviour overseas so it can be publicised to shame offenders.

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