Indulging across the ditch gallery

Hayman One&Only, Queensland: Nothing says extravagance like a massage bed plonked in the pristine waters of the Whitsundays, provided the tide is right and the swell calm.

Sometimes only the finest will do when it comes to reclaiming a sense of wellbeing.

50 shades of blue

Australia's fantasy island

50 shades of blue gallery

A Whitsunday wonder.

The Whitsunday tribe has 50 words for blue. Or at least they should have.

Discover your inner acrobat

COMFORT ZONE CHALLENGE: Preparing to leap into the unknown at Circus Arts training school in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay's hippie heritage lives on with a thriving circus community and environmentally friendly attitude to life

Australia's fantasy island

Idyllic: The Orpheus Island resort in Queensland.

This is a jewel in Australia's crown, where you can relax as the rich and famous might.

Posh digs across the ditch

WARM WELCOME: The impressive foyer at the Four Seasons Sydney.

A luxe Sydney haven is the ideal spot for a mums' getaway.

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