Australia's top 10 most 'liked' photos

20:58, Dec 11 2013
Tourism Australia 1
1. Kangaroo Bob, September 3, 2013. 195,404 likes. "Bob's had a lot on his mind lately, so he took some time out to chill in his local park.
Tourism Australia 1
2. Happy 40th, Sydney Opera House, October 20, 2013. 176,555 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
3. Embrace 2013! Happy New Year from Australia xxx, Jaunary 1, 2013. 123,297 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
4. Now this is a sunset. Amazing capture by Hirsty Photography, well done mate, March 11, 2013. 121,983 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
6. Rise and shine... It's beach walkin' time! Esperance, Western Australia, September 5, 2013. 107,972 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
5. Sydney's had some amazing sunsets ... this one was captured by Hirsty Photography, October 2, 2013. 113,912 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
7. Cuteness alert - captured by Tony Britt-Lewis, Koala Keeper at Taronga Zoo, February 26, 2013. 100,276 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
8. Here you go... a baby Tasmanian Devil at Devil Ark, May 17, 2013. 99,093 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
9. OMG, a rare white Koala - Koala Hospital Port Macquarie. June 27, 2013. 95,735 likes.
Tourism Australia 1
10. The International Fleet Review 2013 which happened tonight on the Sydney harbour was captured in this stunning pic by Hirsty Photography, October 5, 2013. 91,646 likes.

When it comes to popularity on Facebook, Australia's cute critters, along with Sydney's iconic harbour, are the top of the heap.

Koalas, kangaroos and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are the most popular Aussie icons with the millions of fans who visit Tourism Australia's phenomenally successful Facebook page.

With 5.1 million Facebook fans and 363,000 Instagram followers, Tourism Australia is the most followed tourism board or destination site in the world and the number one most-liked Facebook page in Australia.

More than 900 photos are sent in by fans daily, the most popular being of "Kangaroo Bob", a chilled-out roo lying on his back on green grass with his eyes closed at Australia Zoo in Queensland, which has received more than 195,000 'likes' on Facebook.

"Makes me want to get back to Oz even more," one comment says.

Another chimes in: "At first glance, I thought it was my hubby... then I noticed the absence of the TV remote in his right hand."


Another of the popular images posted by Tourism Australia is of two wide-eyed koalas pressing their faces together in the fork of a tree.

"That photo was taken on a mobile phone by staff at Taronga Zoo," says Tourism Australia's social media and advocacy manager Jesse Desjardins.

"It was a case of being in the right place at the right time and that's how a lot of our photos come in these days. We are now capturing photos on mobile phones that could have been missed previously."

He says the photos - other popular shots include the Opera House and beach scenes - are a key element to the success of Tourism Australia's social media profile.

"The imagery definitely helps. We are fortunate in Australia to have all the iconic landmarks and animals and the nature. That is what people respond to well."

But it's not just overseas fans who are flocking to the Facebook page. Of the 5.1 million, it's calculated that 1.3 million live in Australia.

"They are the ones taking the photos, along with travellers from overseas and the tourism industry," Mr Desjardins says. "Australians have got right behind the page and are also acting as our experts by answering questions."

Sydney photographer Richard Hirst took three of the top 10 most liked photos, showing views of Sydney Harbour.

"I get up every morning and shoot the sun rise at the beaches (around Bondi and Bronte) and the sunset at harbour," he said.

"It's really nice to be able to share that with people around the world and to get their comments. Each week I see the most amazing sites. I'm happy to play my part in promoting Australia."