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A snorkelling gem in Western Australia

02:00, Jun 10 2014
Quobba Point
HIDDEN GEM: The author and her family camping at Quobba Point in Western Australia.

Quobba Point is just north of Carnarvon and about 40 kilometres towards the coast.

Once you hit the coast and the fabulous blow holes, turn left and drive about 1 kilometre.

It's great for bush camping with a small charge and great toilet facilities.

The best bit though is the snorkelling.

From the beach it looks nothing! But put your head under the water with your mask on and the beauty just blows you away.

There is a lovely protected lagoon but as you snorkel slowly along the beach you see coral as good as anywhere.

All for a nightly fee of about $6:50 (I think) for the two of us.

The weather needs to be settled though. If it's windy with high seas, forget it. But calm seas and it is amazing.

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