That time I drove in Canada

The Icefields Parkway in Alberta. Like New Zealand, if you focus on the scenery rather than the road then you're probably going to crash. In short, it sucks to be the driver.

I was nervous, alone in a different country and driving on the "wrong" side of the road.

Off the beaten track in Victoria

Hatley Castle, in suburban Victoria, is an imposing building (now part of a university) that's open to the public and surrounded by gardens.

Ditch the crowds and explore these hidden gems in the "tearoom capital" of British Columbia.

Cruising Alaska's Tlingit country

Grab your binoculars and your camera for the Glacier Bay leg of the cruise.

Get to know the real Alaska through the stories and legends of its original settlers.

Ice climbing the Canadian Rockies

Ice climbing

Climbing a frozen waterfall in Canada is as just as epic as it sounds.

Sailing in Alaska

The Jackson's yacht Sunstone at the foot of a glacier.

Sailers in Alaska learn to quickly to gusts and lulls, and to carry pepper spray when going ashore.

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