3-minute guide to Okanagan Valley

A view of the bridge over Okanagan Lake.

The place has a rep for its wines, its mountain biking and its climate.

Treehouse hotel fit for hobbits video

The Eryn sphere's interior with views of the forest through the doorway, skylight, and table-side window.

Deep in Canada's rain forest, you'll find a hotel that is part Middle Earth fantasy and part childhood dream.

Rocky Mountaineer is a rare treat

Gold Leaf Class features a glass roof to provide uninterrupted views.

They say every epic trip deserves an epic start and ours involves a red carpet, a Scottish piper, and champagne.

Yes, there is a town called Dildo

Yes, there really is a town called Dildo. It's in Canada.

An hour's drive from the town of Come By Chance, past Spread Eagle Island, there's town call Dildo. No kidding.

Not just a salad dressing

Boldt Castle on Heart Island is just one of 1846 islands making up the Thousand Islands.

Most people know the dressing, but few know Thousand Islands is a real, spectacular place.

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