Natural beauty to spare

PERFECT POWDER: Lake Louise Ski Resort, Banff National Park.

In Alberta's high country the Rockies march shoulder to shoulder flanking the road, peaks bristling, glaciers sparkling.

Escaping winter in Quebec

Just glide on by in Canada

Escaping winter in Quebec

DOGGONE: Everyone dresses for the event.

If sleeping on a bed of ice seems peculiar, what about frolicking in snow wearing little more than a swimsuit?

The best fast food

CANADIAN CLASSIC: The gorgeous mess of chips and gravy that is poutine.

It's got chips, cheese and gravy - and it's messy. What's not to like about poutine?

Just glide on by in Canada

DOG PADLE: On a canoe adventure.

Canoeing in Canada offers cedar forests, placid lakes and a giant sky. You can't help but feel a bit like Davy Crockett as you paddle down the lake.

Franklin ship found

Sir John Franklin.

It’s not often that tourists are offered the chance to be part of history but that happened in Canada this month.

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