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My year in France

A team competes in the salt fete at Salies-de-Bearn which celebrates the town's saline-infused history.

After moving her family to a remote village in the Hautes-Pyrenees, Allyson Gofton embarked on a culinary and cultural adventure.

Eiffel Tower: 13 things you didn't know

126 years ago, the Eiffel Tower was officially completed in Paris after 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days of construction.

The 'tide of a century' gallery

No saucy 50 Shades of Grey act


The Rome you'd never experience solo

The Colosseum in Rome.

Is it best to take a group tour or to be an independent traveller?

George Clooney's village of romance

There is no better place to hide away. Just ask George Clooney.

Tourists take pictures at the Trevi Fountain in Rome June 11, 2012. The Trevi Fountain, one of the iconic symbols of Rome, is losing some of its pieceS, raising the alarm that the monumental structure needs a new major restoration. At the weekend, a few stone laurel leaves fell from the top frieze of the fountain, which marks the terminal point of of one of the aqueducts that brought drinking water to ancient Rome. REUTERS/Max Rossi (ITALY - Tags: SOCIETY TRAVEL)

Twenty reasons to visit Rome

The eternal city dazzles with history, food and fashion. Here are its 20 highlights.


Off-season Berlin offers pleasures

The rotunda of Berlin's Museum of Communication in January 2015.

Traveling to Europe in early January has its advantages.

'Dr Death' opens a corpse museum

A permanent museum showing preserved corpses stripped of skin to reveal the complexity of the human body opens in Berlin.

In Germany, if you pee on a wall, it pees back on you.

Hamburg takes revenge on revellers

Tourists beware, in Germany if you pee on a wall, it pees back on you.

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