An inspiring place to visit

mostar defcon

Bosnia has faced hardship and heartbreak, but the spirit of the nation will make anyone a big fan.

New image as tourist haven The most amazing place

Fit for a prince

rundale palace How do you go about wooing a young, handsome man if you're Catherine the Great?

Show some respect, travellers

Taormina sicily Just because it's easier than ever to see the world doesn't mean we should lose respect for travel.

No excuse to miss Albania

Albania is transforming into a tourist mecca with rich experiences for those with an intrepid streak.

Cruising the blue Danube

Danube cruise Taking a slow boat down the Danube gives Sharon Stephenson cause to rethink a few of her travel prejudices.

Holiday like a French president

Sarkozy and Bruni It's an old fortress on a tiny island, surrounded by pine trees and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Paris' top 10 sweet spots

When it comes to French pastries, chocolate and macarons, food lover Jane Paech knows her stuff.

Home of the bikini

Afloat in a French idyll

Naked bulges

Vatican Museum This Vatican tour is almost enough to make a Protestant boy blush.

Umbria's slow pleasures

Between Rome and Tuscany, the often overlooked region of Umbria contains many delights.

Rome in three ways

Expat tales: Little Italy

Spires in galoshes

Only surly travellers could complain about the infamous high tides of Venice.

A goth weekend

Goth weekend Revellers gathered over a weekend for one of the biggest gatherings of Goth scene followers in Europe.

Van Gogh's ear grows back

At this museum, you could whisper into van Gogh's ear. It's been regrown with DNA from a living relative.

The best place in the world

The city that rose again

See the real Berlin

This is tourism for non-tourists. It's a chance to see the city that doesn't make the TripAdvisor top 10.