Misfiring cork grounds jet

A cork that misfired mid-air was bad news for EasyJet passengers on a flight between Britain and Turkey.

A flight from Britain to Turkey had to be grounded after a misfiring champagne cork brought down oxygen masks. 

'Massive orgy of tomatoes and people' gallery

BUNOL, SPAIN - AUGUST 26:  Revellers enjoy the atmosphere in tomato pulp while participating the annual Tomatina festival on August 26, 2015 in Bunol, Spain. An estimated 22,000 people threw 150 tons of ripe tomatoes in the world's biggest tomato fight held annually in this Spanish Mediterranean town.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

Thousands of festival-goers hurled 170 tonnes of over-ripe tomatoes at each other in this small Spanish town.

How salt made Salzburg

Salt used to be extraordinarily valuable and the mountains around Salzburg are full of the stuff.

Salt may not seem like a big deal, but this Austrian city owes its opulence to the "white gold".

Europe's most erotic hotel rooms gallery

The Hotel Altstadt (and the Felix suite in particular) is a popular spot for fashion shoots, such as this swimsuit shoot for Hinterland swimwear.

A bath designed to put your body on show and a ''love box'' of sex aids feature in this unusual hotel's suite.

Banksy's Dismaland trolls visitors

Banksy's dismaland isn't off to a flying start, with one reviewer saying:  "As an actual experience it is thin and threadbare, and I found, to be honest, quite boring ... its failure to create joy is self-defeating."

The world loved news of his Disneyland parody. Time for phase two of the joke.

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Versailles plans luxury hotel

The Chateau de Versailles (Versailles Palace) is seen in an aerial view outside Paris.

Once home to kings, the Chateau de Versailles is planning a new venture with a luxury hotel.

'Airbnb is a menace'

It has transformed budget travel to the French capital and is givingsuper-deluxe hotels a fright too.

20 reasons to visit Paris

See Paris the Assassin's Creed way


On the fast track in Rome

quiet early morning at St. Peter's Cathedral, before the crowds arrive. (Steve Haggerty Photography/Colorworld/TNS)

Want to see the sights of Rome without the queues? Buy an all-inclusive pass.

'The Eden of Italy'

Majestic gardens and amazing views await those who make the trip to Lago Maggiore.

Hiking in the hills provides amazing views of Vernazza, one of the five towns known as the Cinque Terre.

Hiking the Cinque Terre

This beautiful region in Northern Italy is all about walking, relaxing and soaking up the views.


Beyond Oktoberfest: Munich's other famous side

Radishes act as a palate cleanser for an informal meat platter sourced from market stalls.

There's so much more to Munich than just Oktoberfest.

The ultimate shopping destinations

The world's mega-malls have plenty to offer, but real shopping is found elsewhere.

The trail runs past the town hall on the bridge in Bamberg, Germany.

Gears and beers in Bavaria

A cycling trip through Bavaria is a journey of liquid temptation.

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