9 tips to survive Ibiza


Ibiza, it happened. I've finally conquered every ageing party-goers dream and lived to tell the tales.

Ibiza: The stuff of dreams Indonesia's answer to Ibiza

The dark side of a fairy tale

Copenhagen has always been far more complex than Denmark's "happy nation" reputation.

Good things in small packages

In pint-sized Slovenia, Liz Light discovers the best of Europe and a touch of home.

How old is too old on a bus?

I'm the tour's token creepy old man. Every tour has one, just the way every hostel dorm has one.

Life is the key lesson

Why study abroad? To feel yourself changing while still holding on to who you are.

A Lot of Kiwi connections

It’s funny where you meet Kiwis... Even in a small, lightly populated village in south-west France.


Paris is trying to convince tourists to not leave padlocks on the city's historic bridges — with a hashtag.

Top tourist spot

Holiday like a French president

Spires in galoshes

Venice Only surly travellers could complain about the infamous high tides of Venice.

Naked bulges

This Vatican tour is almost enough to make a Protestant boy blush.

Umbria's slow pleasures

Rome in three ways

In the lair of The Leopard

The elegant home of an Italian author has had its doors opened to guests.

A goth weekend

Goth weekend Revellers gathered over a weekend for one of the biggest gatherings of Goth scene followers in Europe.

Van Gogh's ear grows back

At this museum, you could whisper into van Gogh's ear. It's been regrown with DNA from a living relative.

The best place in the world

The city that rose again

See the real Berlin

This is tourism for non-tourists. It's a chance to see the city that doesn't make the TripAdvisor top 10.