Land of lava and Obama

There's quite a lot of lava in Hawaii, but there's no need to run.

Think Hawaii's all about shirts and pineapple pizza? There's 18 things you need to know before you go.

Hawaii: The ideal holiday

Hawaii has many beautiful beaches, several of them are black sand beaches, usually found around volcanoes.

If you’re a foodie, family, or adventurer, these are the best things not-to-miss when holidaying in Hawaii.

Real Moana experience in Hawaii

The day breaks over Hokulea with Kualoa behind her.

The Disney movie holds special significance for Hawaii's voyaging heritage.

Obama's island dream

Lanikai Beach in Kailua - the holiday destination of choice for the Obamas.

Take a look at the Hawaiian paradise where POTUS spent his last holiday as president.

Local bites in Hawaii

Bookshelves in The Study at the Modern rotate to reveal a bar.

Don't underestimate the gastronomic scene in Hawaii.

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