Inside the museum that hates America

An Iranian cleric walks past a mural on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran.

A tour through this ghostly place unearths the sins of what is now known as the "US den of espionage".

The Sultan and me

Muscat is Oman's charmingly ramshackle capital.

Under the ever-watchful gaze of Sultan Qaboos, Sharon Stephenson enjoys a slice of Arabian authenticity in Oman.

This is no ordinary cafe

Platter from Local Bites Cafe, Dubai.

Even most locals have never eaten food quite like this.

A calm perch above Jerusalem

The Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

In one of the most contentious tracts of real estate on the planet, serenity is not that easy to find.

A glimpse of the good life

A Palestinian man holding his daughter swims in a pool as they enjoy the warm weather with their family at the Blue Beach Resort in Gaza.

Amid the death destruction in Gaza, there's a desire, among those who can afford it, to experience everyday pleasures.

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