Need to take your falcon on a flight?

02:33, Aug 30 2013
Falcon Landscape
CABIN BAGGAGE: A falcon with its prey after finishing a race at the Abu Dhabi 400m competitions in 2012.

If you're travelling with your pet falcon and don't want to put it in the cargo hold, Etihad Airways can accommodate you.

But if you want to bring two falcons into the cabin, you'll need to buy a first class ticket.

The airline does not specify why it allows the birds of prey on board, but given that falconry (training the birds to hunt) is popular in the United Arab Emirates, it makes sense that the nation's flag carrier would accommodate its practitioners.

Here's the detailed policy, courtesy of SeatGuru, and confirmed as accurate by an Etihad rep:

Diamond First Class

Pearl Business Class


Coral Economy Class

Note: The charge for each additional seat purchased will be the fare applicable for an adult guest occupying the seat. This applies to all travel classes and charges will depend on the number of seats, the travel class and sector of travel.

Guests are not entitled to any additional free baggage allowance for the additional seat(s) purchased for falcons. Per UAE Civil Aviation norms, no piece of baggage may exceed 32 kg in weight or 80 in/ 200 cm in dimension.

On its website, Etihad notes that in addition to falcons, seeing eye dogs are permitted in the cabin for flights between Abu Dhabi and the United States, if proper documentation is provided.

- Business Insider