5 things to do in Gore

Fly high in a Tiger Moth.

Oh please. Of course there are five things to do in Gore, NZ's official home of country music!

NZ's city of cool: More Banksy than Banks

Cashel Street Mall, where shops have popped up built from shipping containers.

This city has changed in more ways than one, embracing modernity and daring design.

A night with freedom campers

Freedom's just another name for nothing left to lose.

I’ve always thought New Brighton would be a nice place to live, but not in a carpark.

From the tip of Farewell Spit

Leaving Farewell Spit Lighthouse on the Eco tour.

Bright sunlight floods the cabin of the Bedford 4WD truck in which my family and I are travelling on a warm summer's day.

5 things for your travel diary

If you have no plans this weekend, here's 5 things to do.

Wondering what to do with your weekend?

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