Getting my hobbit on

Stopping to admire the scenery at the Pelorus River.

It's hard to focus your mind on anything other than the serene beauty of nature when kayaking down the Pelorus River.

What makes Picton, Picton?

The Brand Picton Working Group, from left, group leader Juliet Gibbons, Picton Smart and Connected chairwoman Barbara Speedy and group member Patricia Berwick, is consulting with the public to find out the key characteristics of Picton's identity.

"It can't be enforced from the outside, it needs to come from within the community."

NZ's best kept secret no longer

The cooling waters of Te Waihou Blue Springs attracted visitors from far and wide over the sweltering summer weather.

As more people discover a stunning Waikato spring, it is in danger of being overwhelmed.

Kaka, kiwi, Kapiti and me

Takahe regularly potter around the Kapiti Island Nature Tour's lodge.

Just one hour from our capital is an island nature reserve with some of our best chances for bird watching.

5 things to do on Valentine's Day

See how pygmy marmoset couple Wicket and Cuzco will be spending Valentine's Day at Wellington Zoo.

Looking for some last-minute Valentine's Day inspiration? Here are our picks around the country.

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Bay of Islands vs Bay of Plenty video

Cape Brett, near the famous Hole in the Rock.

We want you to decide - where is the best summer holiday destination in New Zealand?

Nelson vs Mackenzie Country video

We want you to decide - where is the best summer holiday destination in New Zealand?

Bay of Plenty vs Gisborne

Bay of Islands vs Coromandel

5 things to do in nz

5 things to do on the West Coast

One of the greatest natural wonders of the West Coast, the Pancake Rocks.

Experience the famous "Coaster" hospitality on a visit to the South Island's West Coast.

5 things to do in the Bay of Islands

Discover a sense of history and abundant wildlife in the Bay of Islands.

The mighty Bluff is the southernmost town in New Zealand with a population over 1000.

5 things to do in Bluff

Soak up the sight, scent and taste of the sea - yes, we're talking oysters - in the "Pearl of the South".

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