Hotel hopping around the world

LONE RANGER: 'I actually don’t mind travelling solo.'
LONE RANGER: 'I actually don’t mind travelling solo.'

Trent Fraser is never short of a bed on his travels. As chief executive of Choice Hotels Australasia, he spends a large chunk of his time between rooms.

How often do you get away?
I travel between 60 and 70 nights a year for work and usually try and get away with my family for at least a couple of weeks in the sun somewhere each year.

Where was your first trip?
My first trip overseas was at 6 weeks old – we moved to Austria with my father’s work and stayed there for three years.

Why do you travel – business or pleasure?
The majority of my travel is business related – we have over 270 franchised hotel properties around the Southeast Asian region so attending our regional meetings, meeting with prospective franchisees and seeing our new properties first hand is a priority.

What is your favourite destination overseas?
My wife and I really love New York city (without the kids). We’ve done all the sightseeing there over two visits in the past few years so our next trip will be relaxing, living locally somewhere like Chelsea or Soho and enjoying the real culture that this great city has to offer (and make time for a Yankees game).

And here in New Zealand?
I love Nelson – great climate, on the water, great wine, The House of Ales on the main strip in town and great hospitality at the Quality Hotel Leisure Lodge.

Best trip ever?
Earlier this year my wife and I travelled up the west coast of the United States, from Los Angeles through Santa Barbara, to Monterey, 17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach and San Francisco. Amazing.

The plane ride on the way home from the best trip ever – we wanted more time there.

If you could be anywhere but here, where would that be?
Right now – on the beach at Hamilton Island, reading a book with the kids playing in the pool.

What is the wildest sight you’ve witnessed while travelling?
A landing into windy Wellington Airport two years ago on a little twin prop Dash 8 with a vigorous cross wind which was so strong that, on landing, a few of us had to help the flight attendant lash down the propeller.

The most heartbreaking?
Probably not getting that extra flight upgrade to business class for my wife on a recent trip back from overseas and then having to decide which one of us would sit in economy (I’d prefer not to tell you the answer).

Who (or what) is your favourite travelling companion?
I actually don’t mind travelling solo – often the case on business – as it gives me time to reflect and work through my to-do list. I also always have a good book close at hand.

Where to next?
I’d love to get to Spain sometime over the next year or two to sample the wonderful food and enjoy some of their famous wines. We eat out at Spanish-style restaurants whenever we can but really want the authentic experience.

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