Three NZ cities in the world's friendliest list

22:49, Aug 01 2013
TRANQUIL TOWN: Settled snow covers houses and Cecil Peak in Queenstown.

Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland have made it to a list of 20 of the world's friendliest cities recently released by Conde Nast Traveler.

The list of the Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities In The World is a part of an annual Readers' Choice survey where over 46,000 readers voted on everything from cities and islands to airlines and cruises.

Queenstown comes in at No 4 with a readers' rating of 91.8. Conde Nast readers said the "tranquil and peaceful town" boasts an "excellent outdoor vibe" paired with "down-to-earth, nice people."

Sky Tower
PRETTY, LIVELY CITY: "I fell in love with the people, the city, and the country and will return someday."

"The city itself is breathtaking, and it has so many areas that are close by for scenery and adventure sports."

This "all-seasons jewel" is "clean and inviting", delivering "mountains, lakes and vineyards" that are "a feast for the eyes and the palate".

Readers thought Queenstown could get by on its "picturesque looks alone", but that it "goes above and beyond with its hospitality".


 At No 11 with a readers' rating of 88.4 is Christchurch.

According to readers, "even though locals are still cleaning up from the earthquake that caused the city major damage in 2011, Christchurch continues to fight on and keep a good spirit."

"Upbeat Kiwi attitude is also evident in the way that natives of the quaint town treat newcomers. The friendliness to visitors is humbling."

"Despite setbacks, the strong in character city has worked to maintain its great amenities, kid-friendly parks, and old English charm." One reader went on to say, "the resilience of the people of Christchurch is an inspiration."

Auckland came in at No 16 with a readers' rating of 87.9, tieing with Savannah, Georgia in the US.

According to readers, "Perched on the edge of a beautiful harbor, Auckland is a pretty, lively city that is also dependably clean and friendly."

"'The people are happy and helpful to visitors."

Travellers loved Auckland's "lovely waterfront, amazing restaurants, and outstanding National Museum."

But it's the warm hospitality that won readers over. "I fell in love with the people, the city, and the country and will return someday."

Florianopolis, Brazil, ranked as the friendliest city with a high score of 95.8 out of 100.

Newark in the US took the number one spot as the world's most unfriendly city. It received an abysmal score of just 13.4 out of 100 for its friendliness.

Many readers said that the only reason to go to Newark is for its "cheaper/less busy airport" and that there are "a lot of rude people there.'' Islamabad, Pakistan, took the number two spot with a score of 17.9.

Top 10 World's Friendliest Cities

1. Florianopolis, Brazil

2. Hobart, Tasmania

3. Thimpu, Bhutan

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

5. Charleston, South Carolina

6. Paro, Bhutan

7. Margaret River, Australia

8. Mandalay, Burma

9. Kilkenny, Ireland / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

10. Chian Mai, Thailand

Top 10 World's Unfriendliest Cities

1. Newark, New Jersey

2. Islamabad, Pakistan

3. Oakland, California

4. Luanda, Angola

5. Kuwait City, Kuwait

6. Lome, Togo

7. New Haven, Connecticut

8. Detroit, Michigan

9. Atlantic City, New Jersey

10. Tangier, Morocco

The full list can be seen here.