Getting kava'd in Vanuatu

POTENT BREW: Drinking kava used to be reserved for special ceremonies, but things are changing in Vanuatu.

Going to a kava bar in Vanuatu is like going to a corner pub after a hard day's work.

One bloke's balancing act in paradise

HARD AT WORK: The writer (far left) on the beach with the experts.

This retreat begins and ends in the warm, clear waters of Rarotonga's Muri Lagoon.

Full of heavenly adventures gallery

People getting into their sea kayaks near shore.

Crawl off the beach towel and there are opportunities on many Pacific islands for unique adventure activities.

In Fiji, everyone's family gallery

BEACH LIFE: Landing on uninhabited Yawini Island's perfect beach near Yasawa Island Resort.

At the Beqa Island Lagoon in Fiji, "even the sharks think you're family".

Fiji's top resorts gallery

Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji.

Crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches and luxurious rooms await at these spectacular resorts.

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