Switching to island time in Fiji

Angelfish in Fiji waters.

Having visited Fiji 21 times, Sheriden Rhodes knows how to make the most of the island paradise in just five days.

Sweet surrender in the islands

Wigmore's Waterfall.

I feel an overwhelming urge to pack up and move here. Forever.

A beer for the tropics

23032015. Photo: Supplied   
Matutu Brewery Kiva Pale Ale label - from matutubeer.com. Illustration for travel story on the brewery. March 2015.

A visits to a Rarotongan microbrewery that's taking on the big boys.

Turning hell into heaven

Private island pleasures: Castaway Island in Fiji.

Fiji's Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.

10 things to do in the Cook Islands

TO THE ISLANDS: There's always plenty to do on these sun-soaked islands.

While the Cooks Islands are known for their weather, their culture and natural gems shine even on a rainy day.

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