Flowers and ink

The ceremonial inking prior to tattooing.

In Papua New Guinea's Tufi region, beautification is an important part of culture and identity.

Meeting the locals at Niue's show day

Avaiki Cave, vast and cathedral-like, has a rock pool that’s ideal for swimming.

The Niuean people's laid-back friendliness is on show in Lakepa Village.

Tonga: A whale of a time

Eueiki Island, Tonga.

The lure of watching the migration of the humpback whale should be enough to get you booking tickets to Tonga.

Fiji in five days

Sunset at the Mamanuca Islands.

The exuberant welcome of "Bula", brings a smile to even the most jaded traveller.

The remote, fabled islands of Tahiti

A tiki sculpture at Hiva Oa.

A quick check of our coordinates confirms we're about as close to the middle of nowhere as you can get.

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