Turtle Island: Luxury with a capital 'L'

Turtle Island, Fiji

Do nothing or do everything - this Fiji destination is the ultimate island getaway.

Fear and floating in Tahiti video

As soft and gooey as the ray feels, the tail is something else.

Sharks can be scary, but in the waters of Moorea you'll be begging them to come closer.

On holiday with the crazy cat lady

Beck Eleven fed Tiger, the resort cat in Rarotonga, off a tropical leaf plate.

OPINION: Oh the things I have done for cats of Rarotonga, where my 3 weeks of island bliss are about to come to an end.

Six things to see in Vanuatu

Enjoy cocktails on the beach with friends in Vanuatu.

Eyeball the fury of a volcano or snorkel in a ‘blue hole’.

Beauty and fear under the sea

Beck Eleven on holiday in Rarotonga. Yes, tough life...

OPINION: I'm pretending the sausage-like lumps of hell-creature lying on the sandy ocean floor are just inflated lumps of seaweed.

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