Islands for a family getaway

FAMILY GETAWAY: if you’ve got the family in tow, and need a child-friendly place the whole brood can enjoy, here's a few islands to consider.
FAMILY GETAWAY: if you’ve got the family in tow, and need a child-friendly place the whole brood can enjoy, here's a few islands to consider.

The Pacific is a famous honeymoon hotspot, the ultimate destination if you want a private escape in the lap of luxury.

But what if you've got the family in tow, and need a child-friendly place the whole brood can enjoy?

Many of the Pacific Islands have you covered. The kids may not be thrilled at the prospect of lounging on the beautiful sand, soaking up the sun in silence, but the Islands are dotted with places every member of the family can enjoy.

With House of Travel's help we've narrowed down the islands that are the best for a family getaway.


The small island just a few hours from Auckland is brimming with adventure, offering all sorts of thrilling experiences people of all ages will love.

There are a number of family resorts on the island - Warwick Le Lagon, for example, offers a complimentary kids only club that will allow parents to let loose without their noisy spawn.

The island also hosts more exciting adventures, such as zip-line tours that will send you racing through the treetops, snorkelling in the clear blue lagoons hidden around the place, and buggy tours that will send you hopping and bumping all over the island.

New Caledonia

It's a taste of France in the Pacific, and usually attracts those looking for Parisian luxury close to home.

But the islands of New Caledonia have great attractions for families, which make it a surprisingly great destination for a holiday.

Visit the aquarium in the capital, Noumea, or drop the kids at one of the many playgrounds littered around the islands. Noumea is a haven for quality food, so you can eat somewhere new every day.

Take a trip on the Le petit train around the island, and stretch your legs at the forest park, where you can spot native wildlife like monkeys, lizards, and bats.


Some resorts in Fiji actively ban children, hoping to preserve the peace for honeymooners - but others actively celebrate families, and provide the best family-friendly services in the south pacific.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau resort is famous for its child friendly facilities, which make it an extremely popular family destination. The resort's Bula Club is open all day, and lets children take part in a variety of programmes that are both fun and educational. A nanny is assigned to each child aged under five, while older kids can play in the swimming pool complete with water-slide.

If you want to stray from the resort and stick together, Fiji is a liquid playground -  kids will love the island's many snorkelling sites, or daily adventures to the island's caves and waterfalls.


When you're traveling to Samoa, it's best to pick one island and stay there so you're not losing precious time packing.

If you stay in the capital, Apia, you have the best of Samoa at your fingertips. Visit the local markets, or take the kids to the famous sliding rocks. Take a day trip to Lalomanu beach, one of the most beautiful on the island, where you can take a short walk to the nearby jungle waterfalls, or snorkel in the translucent marine reserve.

Kids will love swimming in the roadside swimming pools and the spectacular forest lagoons. You can even take a dive with endangered sea turtles off the coast of the scenic Namua island.


This Cook Island is a great destination for young families. Many of its resorts operate kids clubs, which allow parents to sneak away to engage in more thrilling activities like scuba diving, or just quietly relaxing on the beach.

If you want to drag the kids along to something more exciting, hire kayaks and paddle around the bay, or jump in a four wheel drive and take a safari tour of the island.

If it all gets a bit much, head for one of the many beautiful beaches. Laze back, grab a coconut, and watch the kids swim until the sun sets.

Do you have a favourite island for a family getaway? Leave a comment below.