World's best beaches: Lalomanu

Last updated 12:30 14/06/2013

PACIFIC PARADISE: Lalomanu beach with Nu'utele Island on the horizon.

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We're mapping the best beaches in the world, with the help of our readers.

Samoa is a stunning country. We had a wonderful time, staying in fales at Vavau and exploring the south coast of Upolu and the inland National Park.

The highlight was Lalomanu beach, a genuine piece of paradise.

White sand, tropical fish, friendly locals. Gorgeous.

Sadly, Lalomanu was hammered in the September 2009 tsunami but is recovering well.

So where's the best beach you've ever been to? We'll be mapping all your favourite spots an interactive map below. Tell us its exact location, why it's so good, what your memory of it is. And don't forget to include a photo.

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