Mexico's surreal Day of the Dead

Participants gather before the start of a candlelight procession at the end of a three-day "Day of The Dead" (Dia de los ...

Known for parades and masquerade, there is more to this celebration than zombie brides.

Surreal Day of the Dead

Workers cut the Cempazuchitl flower, used in the Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, celebration, in Cholula, ...

Don't even think about call​ Dia de los Muertos Mexican Halloween.

What to do to enjoy Peru

Peru, with it's deserts, mountain ranges, historical landmarks, picturesque towns, world-class cuisine and bustling ...

The ultimate South-American location offers everything from world-class cuisine to breath-taking landscapes.

Great balls of fire video

Salvadoran throws a fireball at his opponents, during the Bolas de Fuego (Fire Balls) celebration.

Local residents began hurling fireballs at each other to honour the volcanic eruption that took place in 1658.

Summer over the skyscrapers

Labor Day in the US will provide New Yorkers with one of their final chances to enjoy the long Summer afternoons.

Opinion: Winter might be fast approaching but there is plenty to love about Autumn in New York City.

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