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Ipanema beach at sunset.

Hot trend architravel is the best way to explore cities like Rio.

'We want to see the real Cuba' video

People take pictures with the US Carnival cruise ship Adonia in the background after it entered the Havana bay.

Cruise ship passengers say the guided tours are staged and advise others to leave the tourist paths.

Cuba is Havana moment

Kim Kardashian waves from the backseat of a vintage car at the seafront Malecon in Havana, Cuba.

Kim K and Gisele are the latest celebrities to visit the Cuban capital and they're doing it in style.

'An erotic Disneyland'

The theme park, described as an "erotic Disneyland", is expected to open by 2018.

The theme park will have a Ferris wheel and waterslide, as well as a sex shop, erotic museum and "train of pleasures".

Chill in the trees

Intimate lodging and dining is the trademark of Nawelpi Lodge ( Puma Lodge), at Huilo Huilo, Chile.

This was where I went to catch the sunrise, watch the birds twitter and follow the stars.

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