Double rainbow lights up Mexico City video

The double rainbow was captured on a hotel webcam.

Watch as an amazing double rainbow transforms a grey day in Mexico City.

Colombia - beyond the drugs

Colombian farmers called "Arrieros" walk with their mules along a street in Medellin. Arrieros from all over the country ...

We took a family trip to the capital of a notorious former drug cartel. And it was OK.

Easter Island's stone giants

The ancient Polynesian Rapa Nui people who populated Easter Island were not as isolated as long believed.

I round a bend and suddenly spot them on the coastline: 15 towering silhouettes, standing like black giants against a streaky grey sky.

One must-do South American experience

An aerial view of the port, harbour and settlements of Iquitos, the principle city.

Machu Picchu may be top of the list, but there's something else you shouldn't miss.

A Caribbean island paradise

Saba as seen from the window of a flight to St Maarten.

Saba rises like a sceptre from the floor of the crystal-blue Caribbean.

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