Teenager's quake effort

Blenheim teenager Meg Lamb, front in white jersey and hat, with her volunteer group in Ecuador.

A Blenheim teenager is part of a volunteer group rallying to support quake-hit communities in Ecuador.

Chile's chilly treat

A snowboarder jumps at Valle Nevado, at the east of Santiago in the Los Andes mountain range.

The pristine powder and enchanting scenery make Valle Nevado seem heaven sent.

Politics flavour the tamales

Produce at Mercardo Jamaica.

Food and politics comes to life in the markets of Mexico.

Tourists drinking Cuba dry

Eric Delgado enjoys a beer at a new privately-owned restaurant in Havana.

Thanks to a surge of US tourists, Cuba's running out of beer.

Peruse pulsating Peru

Women working on embroidery beside a reed hut, Floating Reed Islands, Lake Titicaca. ​

Peru is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings.

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