A trip into Peru's past

Young children, dressed in bright, bold colours, play on the outskirts of the village of Chinchero in Peru's Maras plateau.

From its Inca ruins to its farmers and traders, Peru is a country embracing its rich history.

Ticking Cuba off the bucket list

'56 Chev on streets of Trinidad Cuba

Rice and beans, beans and rice. Oh, and a mojito on the side. All for around $5.

Welcome to the other California

Drift into deep relaxation by the pool at Las Ventanas al Paraiso.

The hotel where it only takes 10 minutes to decide you're in paradise.

Frights, mites & lights in the Amazon

The market in Puerto Maldonado was filled with fruits and the odd cheeky bird.

The Amazon is no walk in the park and has lots of hidden secrets.

First-timer's guide to Cuba

A Cuban woman, in traditional colonial costume, with a famous Cuban cigar in Old Havana

Cuba's many charms will seduce even the most world-weary party animal history buff or nature lover. 

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