Unforgettable Patagonia video

Walking to the base of the Torres del Paine requires every hour of daylight during the wintertime.

There's nothing like contemplating a life or death scenario to kick you out of an early morning slumber.

Rio: Tourists don't fit in

The Rio de Janeiro skyline rises behind Ipanema Beach.

In togs like undies, awkward tourists don't even know the rules they're breaking.

Why is this lagoon so pink?

The lagoon get its hue from tiny marine microorganisms.

Tourists are bewitched by these stunning, naturally pink waters in a small Mexican fishing village.

Ecuador appeals to tourists to return

Tourists pose beside burning puppets during year-end celebrations at the Plaza Foch in Quito in 2012.

Four months after a devastating earthquake, officials want travellers to put the country back on track.

20 reasons to visit Rio gallery

Seeing Carnaval is worth the price hike.

If you're heading to one of the world's greatest party cities, there are certain experiences you shouldn't miss.

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