700 mirrors on church floor

Our colour reflection is an exhibition by UK artist Liz West.

An artist has created a magical reflective pool with 700 mirrors, filling a historic cathedral with light and colour.

Thousands strip for art

Around 3,200 people took part in the art installation stripping off their clothes and painting themselves blue.

3200 people stripped naked and painted themselves blue to celebrate the sea.

'Visit Britain, we have all the avos!'

At current prices, that's nearly $30 worth of avocados.

We're desperate for cheaper avocados and all the Brits can do is mock us with their low prices.

Rockin' birthday on Isle of Wight stuff nation

Celebrating my 50th birthday at the Isle of Wight music festival.

This Kiwi had a long line of unsuccessful birthday celebrations so decided to make the most of her 50 years.

10 things to do in Belfast

Stormont, the Parliament Buildings in Belfast, sits proudly at the top of a long promenade.

Belfast has shaken off the Troubles of the late 20th century and is rejuvenating as a city that acknowledges the past while whole-heartedly embracing the future.

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