Dive into 'virtual Barrier Reef' video

ALL AT SEA: Secret Cities of the Sea will be at London's Natural History Museum from March 27 to September 13 2015.

Visitors to London's History Museum can now take a "virtual dive" into the colourful world of coral reefs.

Skeleton horse erected in London

Gift Horse, the latest work of art to take its place on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth, is pictured high above The National Gallery in London, England.

London's Trafalgar Square, full of tourists, pigeons and military monuments, has a new occupant.

'England's most boring city'

A pottery thrower demonstrates his skill at the Wedgwood Museum.

It's arguably the most boring, unfashionable city in England. But visiting is a revelation.

How this small town became part of world history

Home to an original Magna Carta: The British coastal town of Sandwich.

A recent discovery has put this quiet British coastal town into the history books.

'You'll never look at a spoon the same way '

CRAVINGS: The exhibition explores the science of cravings.

A new exhibition at London's Science Museum explores the science behind cravings.

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