3-minute guide to Bath

Bath Abbey as viewed from the Roman Baths.

Bath, the home town of natural spas, Jane Austen novels and Roman ruins.

The other woman stuff nation

Google Maps can be your best friend or worst enemy.

This Kiwi granny and her husband are on their big OE... but technology is hampering their happiness.

Millennium Falcon lands in Ireland

A man looks towards an area reported by local media to be a film set for the new Star Wars Episode VIII film.

Game of Thrones is filmed close by and now this Irish town has become a galaxy from far, far away.

London: 10 things most visitors miss

People relax next to Regent's Canal at King's Cross, London.

Ticked off the Tower of London? Ridden the Millennium Eye?

Quirky night on a 767?

The Boeing 767 move is "plane sailing" apparently.

Sleeping on a plane is about to get so much easier.

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