Fans mob Friends cafe

NOSTALGIA VALUE: The coffee at Central Perk isn't great, but fans aren't concerned.

Fans are flocking to Central Perk pop-up coffeehouse, but not for the coffee, which is "pretty terrible".

Time travel on Pullman Rails

Pullman Rail Journeys revives the iconic spirit of American rail travel with its carefully restored rail cars.

Your berth has been turned down, your shoes shined, your nightcap delivered by the porter. Now drift to sleep to the rocking of the train.

Top 5 food trucks in the US

FOOD ON THE MOVE: A Go Fish food truck parked in Back Bay area, Boston.

Food trucks provide a fun way to sample old standards. Here's 5 of the best in the US.

Beauty awaits

REMOTE REGIONS: This rugged region was the last part of the continental United States to be mapped, and it requires work for those wanting to see its treasures.

There are risks and rewards of travel in isolated places like the Escalante.

Arendelle comes to Florida

LET IT GO: Frozen, the animated story of Queen Elsa with her icey powers and her sister, Princess Anna, has proved a massive hit for Disney, boosting merchandise sales.

Disney is adding a new attraction based on the movie "Frozen" to its Epcot theme park in Orlando, Florida.

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