Just shake it off video

Southwest Airlines staff know how to dance

Long queues? Flight delays? Lost luggage? Just generally having a bad day?

20 reasons to visit Washington DC

Impressive: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's the best of America on show, from the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial to the Declaration of Independence.

Beautifully weird and creepy

BEAUTIFUL AND CREEPY: Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California.

There's almost a tangible feeling to crossing the threshold. Is it the history or something creepier?

Top 10 haunted spots in the US gallery

Haunted spots in the US.

With Halloween quickly approaching, commercial haunted houses across America are attempting to lure visitors to their scare factories.

A taste of Guyana in New York

DELICIOUS: The Bake Shop on Liberty Avenue sells addictive sweets.

In the mile-long stretch of Queens, the residents are Indian but sound like Bob Marley when they speak.

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