US eyes Cuba tourism

A CUBA GETAWAY: Tourists look at portraits of revolutionary leader Che Guevara at an artisans' fair in Havana.

Beautiful beaches, lively casinos and late-night dancing once made Cuba the perfect getaway for Americans.

A stay at Robert De Niro's place

The Greenwich Hotel's underground pool.

It’s boutique, it’s stylish and every room is different. And co-owner Robert De Niro's influence is apparent.

A walk on Mexico's wild side

Huatulco, Mexico, is a relatively quiet resort area with nine bays in Oaxaca.

The river rippled calmly in front of us, but we could hear the thunder of the rapids ahead.

Tasting the authentic New York

THE REAL THING: Katz's deli in New York.

It's my first visit to New York City and I have a hunger for an authentic deli.

'Nothing else like it' video

'Nothing else like it in the world:' The planned Skyscraper.

Riders will be sent spiralling towards the ground at 104 kilometres per hour from 155 metres high.

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