Could you escape from this room?

RIDDLE ME THIS: (L-R) Eric Arnold, Cassie Young, Jen Lee and Matt Leedham work together to figure out a riddle on one of the clues in the room at Escape Room Live DC.

You're trapped in a basement, frantically searching for clues to root out a spy defector and time is running out...

World's first Virgin hotel opens

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: The bar at the Commons Club in the new Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

Richard Branson promises unique services and no rip-offs a his first hotel opens.

Headed for Orlando? Here's what's new gallery


It seems like everybody knows somebody going to Orlando on holiday. And that's no illusion.

America's weirdest museums

WEIRD MUSEUM: The Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Travellers looking for something beyond the regular top attractions might consider adding a weird museum or two to their itineraries.

It's all Frozen fun at Disney’s Hollywood Land

FROZEN FUN: Tourists visit the Village of Arendelle, an indoor snow-filled play area based on the wildly popular movie Frozen.

Arendelle comes to Disney's California Adventure resort, bringing a wonderland of real snow.

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