Top 5 spots to get a taste of America while abroad

Last updated 08:26 24/12/2013
America in paris
Breakfast in America

BREAKFAST IN AMERICA: For those who want an old fashioned American breakfast while in the City of Light, look no further than the Breakfast in America diners in Paris.

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You don't need to travel all the way across the world to get a taste of America. It's possible to experience the good ole US of A a little closer to home. So if you're an American missing home, or a Kiwi who doesn't want to venture that far afield,  VirtualTourist's  list of "Top 5 Spots to Get a Taste of America While Abroad" is a good start.

1. The Rug Café - Beijing

Beijing is known for its tradition and history, but not necessarily its modern cuisine.

On a recent trip, one VirtualTourist member was pleased to find The Rug Café, a restaurant in the Chaoyang District that specializes in a "Western-style breakfast."

With an all-day breakfast menu that includes tasty hotcakes and organic fresh squeezed juices by the carafe, there are lots of options for weary travellers and those with young children.

One of the most celebrated aspects of the menu is the build-your-own hash browns, upon which you can add a variety of things from avocado to sausage.

In addition to the great menu, the restaurant also has outdoor patio seating and a large communal table inside, making it a great spot for both meetings and socializing.

2. Breakfast in America - Paris

For those who want an old-fashioned American breakfast while in the City of Light, look no further than the Breakfast in America diners in Paris.

With locations on both the Right and Left Banks, travellers are never too far from a stack of pancakes (or Crepes Americaines, as they are titled on the menu), breakfast burritos, or even a real old-fashioned malted milk shake.

Breakfast is served all day, seven days a week, and lunch and dinner offerings include a variety of burgers, nachos and a classic BLT.

3. Madison's - Shanghai

Located in Shanghai's trendy French Concession district, Madison's is a contemporary American restaurant from Gramercy Tavern trained chef Austin Hu.

In addition to providing unique takes on American classics and a city-renowned brunch, Hu is also at the forefront of the "locavore" movement in China, which focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally within China.

While this trend is already mainstream in American dining, it's definitely a new outlook in Asia. The restaurant also serves as a hub for the city's expat community, even hosting traditional American holiday dinners.

4. Eichholtz's Delicatessen - Amsterdam

Conveniently located on the Leidsestraat, this shop is a great stop for Americans missing food stuffs while passing through Amsterdam or living in the Netherlands.

A VirtualTourist member stumbled across the shop while walking down the street, noticing the variety of American candies and treats in the window display.

From Campbell's Soups to Country Time lemonade, the deli carries a number of hard-to-find American staples, including an over-the-top collection of Hershey's goods.

While you can probably find some healthier options around Amsterdam, if you're craving a traditional Pop Tart, you now know where to find it!

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5. Frijoles - Tokyo

Many travellers admit their most missed foods when travelling or living abroad are not American standards, but foods that are delicious and easy to get.

A great example of this is Mexican food and the perfect burrito. Visitors and expats in Japan's capital no longer need to long for those refried beans or guacamole.

With four locations around Tokyo, including a new spot in Otemachi / Marunouchi, a burrito fix is never more than a few subway stops away.

Do you know any spots that fit the bill? Leave a message.



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