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The places I (don't) get


For this Kiwi traveller, the measure of a great destination is the people she met along the way.

Overhyped: The places I just don't get

Powder day, every day

Blackcomb, Whistler You get sick of taking photos when everyday is one that you never want to forget.

Saving strays

Cristy Baker Cristy Baker's love of animals took her to Phuket, Thailand.

The School of Life

Baxter Fitzsimons Globetrotting with kids is all one big ed-venture for these intrepid families.

Find freedom

Freedom, holiday, beach, travel If you're considering an OE, here are the dos and don'ts of spending 12 months overseas.

Pearl Harbour tours

Pearl Harbour Looking for the best Pearl Harbour tour? Email us at

Where to stay in Hawaii

Need help with places to stay in Hawaii? Email us at

Accommodation in Hawaii

A week in Tasmania

Think you know the islands?

Safety Video Are you a travel trivia whiz? Test your knowledge and be in to win a $250 travel voucher.

Is this your next holiday?

Voluntourism is an increasingly popular way for tourists to get out and see the world and help others.

Naked and fearless

Trouble in my paradise

Lost with the locals

I'm sitting on a coconut tree branch looking over the white sand and tropical blue waters.

Living in lava land

Hawaii From cowboys to coffee, laidback to luxury, Hawaii seems to have it all.

Hawaii's secluded shores

If Waikiki is the classic crowded Hawaiian beach, Kauai's North Shore is the iconic coastal outpost.

By dawn's early light

A tale of three lodgings

Outdoor adventures in Oahu

I chased three kinds of Hawaiian adventure - one on the water, one under the water and one by foot.