What sight to see in HK?

For amusement-park-loving teens, Hong Kong Disneyland is the place to go.

There's something for all the family to enjoy in Hong Kong, from markets to theme parks.

Expat tales: The great outdoors

Simon Dilks with his wife and daughter against the mountainous scenery of their home.

Simon Dilks ditched the rat race for a life of adventure in Yangshuo, China.

Lost and found in Italy

Passport, credit card, phone, the Holy Trinity of travel.

Travel is full of heart-stopping moments, not all of which are about ogling scenic wonders.

The reality of London life stuff nation

Living and working in London is challenging and exhausting, but it's also one of the most enriching experiences you can have, says Amelia.

There are heaps of opportunities in London, writes Amelia Abplanalp. You just have to be patient, network like crazy and work damn hard.

Misinformed by Bridget Jones stuff nation

Abigail and friends recreate the famous Beatles cover at Abbey Road in London.

Bridget Jones gave Abigail Drane a rose-tinted image of living and working in London. The reality was very different.

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Budgeting a Europe trip


Need help budgeting a trip to Europe? Email us at travel@stuff.co.nz.

Family travel in Thailand

Need help an itinerary for Thailand? If you have a travel question, email us at travel@stuff.co.nz.

Budgeting a UK trip

Europe on a budget


Hamilton and Rotorua lose Jetstar bid

Jetstar announces new regional flight routes.

Hamilton and Rotorua mayors have expressed their disappointment after losing the bid for Jetstar.

$9 airfares spark price war video

Air NZ offers its own $9 fares after Jetstar opens a sale on its new regional routes.

A couple enjoy a warm summers evening in the hot pool at Tekapo Springs.

New hot pools for Tekapo

Tekapo Springs has announced it will open three new hot pools in time for Christmas.

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