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Family cruise in Noumea

Noumea is a a great family destination.

Wondering how to organise family excursions? Send us your travel questions and we'll find the answer.

What to know when booking flights

Clear your cookies and don't rely on big name airlines, experts say.

Why you should hire local guides

Cuba: Where Kiwis are talking about

new zealand

NZ drivers told to shape up gallery video

Since moving from Germany to Auckland, Catrina Kuehler has learned a few driving tips from New Zealanders, and shared a ...

Kiwi drivers are notoriously bad, we're told – so we asked foreign-born NZers for five tips on how we can drive better.

Weekend walk: Kaikoura Coast Track

Dolphins, seals and spectacular coastal views are highlights on this two-day walk.

Nick and Steph Thompson of Kaikoura Four Square are pragmatic about the earthquake despite facing a 'torrid' 12 months ahead.

'I blame Steph for the quake'

The morning of the Kaikoura earthquake, Steph Thompson opened her Four Square store in a dressing gown. And that's how her customers arrived, too.

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