No refuge at The Church

Sunday services are shutting down.

Notorious London party bar, frequented by Kiwis, is closing down.

Is the great Kiwi OE over?

Readers' travel pics of the week gallery

Our family went to Hanmer Springs just before the school holiday finished. On the day of leaving Hanmer Springs we decided to go for a short walk in the mountains. So we drove to Jack's Pass. The short walk actually turned to a full-length tramp. The girls were tired and wanted to stop at two thirds of the way. But we persisted and reached the summit. The panoramic view was magnificently rewarding. Mt Isobel is 1319m and we climbed 449m from Jack's Pass which is 870m. Well done for my 8 year old (Jasmin)and 12 year old!

This week's entries this week take us from the villages of Siem Reap all the way to the massive Grand Canyon.

Why everyone should travel solo                        
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When you travel alone, you're in charge. That means you can plan your days however you want.

10 etiquette rules for travellers

Your actions create ripples that affect people you will never meet.

Your actions create ripples that affect people you will never meet. So what are the essential rules for 21st-century travel?

Vanuatu, in sickness and in health

Dianne (center) with local guides and a tour group on the Millennium Cave Tour in Vanuatu.

Dianne Hambrook says Vanuatu is still recovering, but its people are no less welcoming.

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Budgeting a Europe trip


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Family travel in Thailand

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Customs a killer for Darth Vader video

Tilena Jackson with Cadence Nixon, 4, share a laugh with Darth Vader on the Main Highway in Otaki.

Sith Lord, in Otaki yesterday, explained it could cost an arm and a leg going through customs.

The secret bedrooms the crew use video

When you're on a long-haul flight, you know the importance of sleep. But what if you're a member of the flight crew?

A man walks through the famous Swayambhunath stupa after it was damaged in the April 25 massive earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal. Swayambhunath, which dates back to the 5th century, is one of at least 68 cultural heritage sites in Nepal that were damaged by the earthquake.

The fate of Nepal's heritage

The blue-rimmed eyes of the gold-spired stupa have long stared silently across this sprawling city.

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