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"This public toilet sign caught my eye when in Venice last July," said Kathryn Cheshire. "Needless to say, I waited till we got back to the hotel!" Kathryn, we'd have done the same!

Claire Lewis had high hopes when she saw this sign for an automatic "taller" machine... "We saw lots of funny signs in China, but this one was particularly humerous given my short stature," she said.

Geoff Cole spotted this confusing approach to retail in Kaymakli, Turkey.

"At one of the restaurants at Aggie Grey's Resort in Samoa we noticed they had a special sort of house "wine"," said Maegan Hunter of this old classic.

A McDonald's drive-thru served up this treat for Viv Cairns, who said: "Kids thought this was funny as they can't go through drive-thru without their butts!"

Aside from wondering why you'd be wearing a bra if the straps weren't fastened, this sign sounds like a road many would want to avoid. Thanks to Paul Michell for submitting this one.

A great sign combo spotted by Chanelle Lynch in Nelson.

Emma Marriott posted this to our Facebook page and said: "When we had floods in Brisbane a few years back this sign was placed outside the flooded Suncorp stadium!"

Just in case you didn't know what to expect at the beach, Jen Beullens drew our attention to this classic in Perth.

Nicola Wilson spotted this gem in the window of her local Civic Video a few years ago.

Tamaoho Charles Llewell Christensen reminded us of an old online favourite with this comedy set-up.

Another familiar favourite, that still makes us laugh. As Alex Myring points outs: "This is a sign that is self explanatory!!"

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After we shared 18 of the world's funniest signs, our readers responded with some classics of their own. 

From beach signs warning of the presence of water, to flooded roads being labelled as having a wet surface, these are bound to raise a smile. Enjoy. 

If you've come across some funny signs around the world, hit the big green button to send them our way.

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