They left what behind?

04:36, Jul 01 2013
A 34-year-old traveller left her teddy bear behind in a hotel in London. Yes, she contacted the hotel to retrieve it.
$9000 in cash was left stashed under a bed in a hotel in the South Island. It was returned to the owner.
One traveller left his father's ashes in a hotel in New Plymouth. They were never returned to him.
A kilo of smoked salmon was left behind in Blenheim.
A chihuahua left behind in an Auckland hotel was reunited with its owner.
A piece of the Berlin Wall left in a hotel in Berlin was also returned to its owner.
19% per cent of travellers said they left behind underwear (old, new, clean and dirty).

Apparently Kiwi travellers like to share and we're not beyond sharing the most intimate, revolting or random possessions.

Almost 70 per cent of Kiwis admit to leaving things behind at hotels, and unfortunately it is often embarrassing items, according to a new survey.

Wotif's survey of over 5000 people found 68 per cent of Kiwi travellers admitted to leaving something behind, including a Chihuahua, a Danish girlfriend, a kilo of smoked salmon, a piece of the Berlin wall, $9,000 stashed under the bed and the ashes of a family member.

The most embarrassing items were dirty, daggy old clothing items, said Wotif's product director Donna Rodios.

"While 19 per cent of respondents said they had forgotten underwear and 9% said they left behind adult items, there were far more unusual items respondents weren't shy to share," she said.

"We received everything from one respondent leaving behind evidence of a sick baby all over the hotel linen to another respondent forgetting her teddy at the age of 34 and even contacting the hotel to get it back."


Almost 20% of respondents said they had left behind pricier items like cameras and jewellery.

"One respondent said they left behind a $40,000 watch and didn't get it back, while another respondent went to great lengths and travelled 50km to get back a baby's favourite bunny rug."

Within New Zealand, Auckland was the city where most travellers left something behind.

What have you left behind in hotel rooms on your travels? Leave a comment below.