Cliche photos: Tiny but mighty

Last updated 17:14 29/11/2013
Bronwyn McGee
PERSPECTIVE: Myself and my friend Sara, at the Bolivian salt flats.
Travel Cliche laos
Jenny Seward Zoom
Travel is thirsty work! Photo taken in near Luang Prabang, Laos at the Kuang Si Falls in July 2010 by Chelsea Blair.
Sunset on the nose!
Annabel Burt Zoom
Sunset on the nose!
Disneyland Cliche
Tess McGregor Zoom
Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland. The ultimate Californian Cliche.

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Our Canon photo competition is looking for the best cliche travel photos. Bronwyn McGee went nuts on the classic salt flat shots.

Travelling through South America was an adventure to say the least, especially when your Spanish is rudimentary at best.

While the landscape is beautiful, the people friendly and the cities crazy, it didn't actually provide that many opportunities for clichéd travel photo opportunities.

We did not encounter any Leaning Towers or twinkling plazas with streaming water fountains we could pretend to drink from.

There were however plenty of crumbling ancient ruins to have fun with but I think the armed guards would have frowned upon such behaviour.

We comforted ourselves by taking photos with alpacas and posing triumphantly at Machu Picchu as a testament to our gruelling feat of survival along the Inca Trail, but a worthy cliché?

Alas we had not yet encountered such a tourist goldmine.

We of course hit pay dirt when we stepped foot on the Bolivian Salt Flats and embraced the opportunity to take the obligatory perception photos with such gusto it approached a frenzied fervour. We weren't even particularly creative; we basically just recreated every other shot we had seen, a cliché of a cliché.

It did require a lot of co-ordination and patience, but it was also was great fun and one of the best days of our trip.

After that it was back to sensible shots taken behind ropes or at appropriate distance under the wary gaze of machine-gun toting guards.

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