Big OE: Bitten by the travel bug

Last updated 12:30 09/12/2013
BIG CITY: Me walking in the rain in London.

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My mother lives permanently on the other side of the world, whereas I live with my father.

Last year, my grandfather turned 65 and decided that he wanted to kick off his bucket list. I ended up as a tag-along, but I'm extremely glad I was asked to. Flying into Heathrow was a long experience and I'll never forget the three-hour stop overs in Hong Kong, not understanding much of the signs but still managing to find our gate.

My mother took me everywhere in England. We went all over the place, looking at God knows how many art galleries, just so I would get a head start for school the following year.

I flew in on my birthday and spent New Years in Scotland at the Hogmanay street party in Edinburgh. That was so special and exciting, I would really suggest it to anyone who's over there at New Years to do it.

I was also fortunate to visit a very dear friend of mine in Munich, Germany. I actually had no idea that this was going to happen. My mother and step-father led me on until Christmas when they gave me the tickets. I was so worried that I wouldn't get to see her and I cried when I realised I could.

We stayed there for four days and I'll never forget sitting in the same hotel room with my grandfather, watching a German dub of the Big Bang Theory. Regardless of not knowing a lick of German, it was still very entertaining.

Unfortunately there was no snow, but it was the trip of my life and I cannot wait to travel after university.

My next stop is Japan and it seems I've caught the travel bug! That's okay though. Life everywhere seems more interesting than New Zealand, but it is a pleasure to come back home. 

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