Kiwi campers tough it out

02:39, Jan 06 2014
Coromandel floods December 2013
Jacob Gordon rides through the Pauanui Beach flood waters.
Coromandel floods December 2013
Flooding in Pitkethley Circle, Pauanui.
Coromandel floods December 2013
Luke Taylor finds a quick way to negotiate the flooding at Pauanui Beach.
Coromandel floods December 2013
Children take shelter from the Pauanui Beach rain.
Coromandel floods December 2013
Flood waters at Pauanui threaten livestock.
Wet weather hampers holidays, December 2013
RESCUED: Shelley Bush and daughter Kourtney, aged 2, after being rescued by the fire service.
Wet weather hampers holidays, December 2013
The Oxford Fire Brigade were called out to rescue a family trapped in the river.
Coromandel floods December 2013
Allan Turley grabs a broom and gets to work cleaning up on Jubilee Rd, Pauanui.

Hardy Kiwi campers have not let a run of wet weather dampen their spirits, holiday park owners say.

Despite heavy rain, flooding and even a mini tornado over the weekend, camping grounds at North Island holiday spots remained near full capacity today.

A spokeswoman at Cooks Beach Resort in the Coromandel said reports of flooding and evacuations had been exaggerated.

"Some tents got flooded, yes, but nothing to the extreme of what it sounded like," she said.

"The sun is shining, people are still here, a few people left and now they're coming back today."

In Mt Maunganui, it was business as usual at Golden Grove Kiwi Holiday Park.


"We had a few bedraggled tenters but never had any flooding or anything, so everything kept operating," owner Deborah Sullivan said.

"[Yesterday] afternoon they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. They've got a bit of stuff stretched out to dry and it's sunny now. Everyone stuck it out."

Further south at Ohope Beach, after a downpour last night it was "beautiful blue skies" and a promising forecast, Top 10 Holiday Park operations manager Justine Knowles said.

"We had a few people due in yesterday who were a bit hesitant and have delayed a day, but certainly it doesn't seem to have had any major effect on people, which is great," she said.

"Certainly, it's all about this time of the year for us, and if it goes poorly with mother nature it can have a dreadful effect. But so far, so good for us."

Waihi Beach had also escaped the brunt of the weather, with a small amount of flooding, chief fire officer and Beachaven and Top 10 Holiday Park owner Ian Smith said.

"[We got through] relatively unscathed, but of course some of these cheap tents on the market don't stand up to a bit of rain or wind, so we probably had two or three families disappear yesterday from both parks," he said.

It was expected some of those families would be back today.

"Basically people coped really well."