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Advice: Family travel in Thailand

05:00am 05 Dec 2014

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Q. We are a family of five travelling to Thailand in December/January for about 10 days.

Our children are aged 18, 16 and 12. Please could you give some guidance as to the best parts to visit and suggestions of what we can do? We like a bit of adventure along with some relaxation.

A. Thailand is a diverse country with each area slightly different to the next.

In its mountainous north are the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, both of which offer a host of opportunities including trekking, rafting, elephant riding and even home-stays with hill tribes.

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Advice: How to budget for a UK trip

05:00am 31 Oct 2014

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Q. My sister and I (both middle aged) are planning a 5 week trip to the UK, via Paris in 2016 - we haven't yet planned a definite itinerary, but will do Cornwall then travel up and do Scotland, including some outlying islands and Orkney.  

We will probably hire a car and drive, staying in B and B's and maybe a couple of days here and there renting a cottage... Could you give me an estimate of how much we may need to budget per day (excluding airfares)?

A. Planning a European holiday is one of the best parts of any trip and doing this now for 2016 means you have plenty of time to explore different options, talk to others about their ideas and experiences and decide on what is best for you.

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Advice: Europe on a budget

05:00am 24 Oct 2014

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Q. I'm planning on a month long trip to Europe, including Germany, London, Ireland and Spain. I have free accommodation in London and Ireland (2 weeks).

I also have a three day stop in Dubai. I have no idea how much I should budget. I'm happy to eat and stay cheap.


The amount of money you take to Europe for accommodation and eating is entirely up to each individual.  

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Advice: Bora Bora on a budget

05:00am 22 Oct 2014

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Q. I am planning to go to Bora Bora Island from Auckland. What is the most economical and easy way to get there? And do we have to be able to converse in French to go there? I am also interested in staying at those hotels where the seas are below us.

A. Bora Bora is the gem of French Polynesia and undoubtedly the world's most beautiful lagoon.

The flight from Auckland to Papeete takes about five hours and Bora Bora is a 50-minute flight from Papeete, making it easily accessible.

Staying in one of the famous over-water bungalows is truly a once in a lifetime experience and there are many options available from smaller boutique style resorts to the truly unique and luxurious first-class personal service.

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Advice: How to budget a trip to the Philippines

05:00am 20 Oct 2014

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Q. I'm looking at doing a trip through the Philippines. What is a good amount of money to take for a student backpacker who wants to go off the beaten track? Also, some activities and attractions that wouldn't break the bank?

A. With the Philippines making up one of the largest archipelagoes in the world, the costly part comes from getting from one island to the next. Manila to Cebu for instance is a huge distance, a flight would be required.

First you would want to work out how much ground you want to cover, then you could look at your budget.

If you take the internal flights out of the picture, a budget of US$50 ($58) per day should get you by with some basic meals and hostel-style accommodation.

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