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Advice: A honeymoon in the US

05:00am 08 Sep 2014

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Q. My wife and I are looking at going to the USA next year for our honeymoon. We've got a rough idea of what we want to see and do but don't know if we will have enough time to spend in each city. This is our itinerary at the moment:

 Fly to NYC - 7 days

Train to Philadelphia - 3 days

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Advice: 4 countries in 3 months

05:00am 26 Aug 2014

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Q. Hi there, I would love to be able to do a trip that includes Brasil, Peru, Mexico and Cuba in a month or so. Is that possible or am I trying to cram too much in?

I have high expectations! I'd love to be active and do one or two of the standard touristy things. But I mainly like doing slightly smaller expeditions and seeing a bit of culture.

Would it be better to try and travel for three months or so?

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Advice: 2 months in Central America

05:00am 15 Aug 2014

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Q. Hi there. In October I am heading to Central America for 2 months, flying into Guatemala. I am planning on spending 10 nights in Guatemala, 10 in El Salvador and the rest in Nica and Costa Rica.

I pretty much have Nica and Costa Rica sorted but was wanting to know what must see things I could do in Guatemala and El Salvador. 

A. October is a cooler month to visit but still warm in our terms, just ensure you've got a rain jacket handy.

Guatemala will inspire you with its many things to do. There's no need to spend any time in Guatemala City, head to Antigua straight away when you fly in - spend a couple of days in this extremely quaint and beautiful town to wander the cobblestone streets and get a feel for Guatemala life.

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Advice: 2 weeks in Africa

07:00am 04 Aug 2014

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Q. I only have 2 weeks to spend in Africa, including travelling time, and my wish list is to see the gorillas, see lots of game, and visit Victoria Falls. Is it possible to fit everything in?

A. A lesson many travellers have learnt on their return home is they never spend enough time in one place to truly appreciate where they've been. It is always better to choose less, enjoy it more.

You'll be hard pressed to fit in your whole wish list in just 10 days in Africa. Choose either Southern Africa where you can experience Victoria Falls then great game in Botswana, or east Africa where you can do your safaris through Kenya and Tanzania, then head up to Uganda for gorilla trekking.

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Advice: In Thailand, with family

05:00am 24 Jul 2014

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Q. W e are a family of five looking to travel to Thailand late December/early January for about 10 days.

Our children are aged 18, 16 and 12. Please could you give me some guidance as to the best parts to visit and maybe some suggestions on what we can do.

We like a bit of adventure along with some relaxation.

A. Thailand is a diverse country with each area slightly different to the next.

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