Advice: A Spanish road trip

04:32, Jun 13 2014

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Q. We are planning a self-drive trip in Spain. We have mapped out a route from Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Ronda, Seville, Cordoba, Salamanca, then up to San Sebastian.

We then have six days before we need to be in Barcelona. What places/stops do you recommend?

A. En route to Salamanca, I would recommend a visit to both Avila and Segovia. The former is a walled city, very like a huge sand castle.

Segovia is also impressive with its Roman aqueduct and magnificent Moorish Alcazar. From Salamanca, take the route via Leon, Oviedo and Bilbao to San Sebastian.

Leon and Oviedo are smaller towns, both on the great Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk. While Bilbao is home to many architectural gems including the modern and contemporary Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum.


From San Sebastian spend a couple of days in the spectacular Rioja wine growing region en route to Barcelona.

Visit Lograno and enjoy the outstanding beauty of the countryside.

Anne Graham, Destination Product Manager, UK/Europe.

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