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Q. I'm thinking of travelling around Europe and particularly Scandinavia for six weeks next May with my wife and 1-year-old.

What do you recommend accommodation-wise for this part of the world?

Campervans or cabins and a rental car? Are there any other options we should consider?

A. Taking a campervan through Scandinavia is a great option. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but Scandinavians are passionate about this style of holiday.

Camping grounds offer first-class facilities in spacious surrounds. You'll find them idyllically set on the edge of lakes, in forests, some close to cities or along the seashore.

Some will even have their own iconic sauna to relax in. Of course campervans are also an option in Central Europe, allowing you to get off the eight-lane autobahns and on to the smaller secondary roads where you can explore the quaint villages and maybe stumble across vibrant market days where you can stock up on fresh provisions.

Another popular option, particularly in central Europe, is a lease car. Your brand new vehicle will be part of a fully inclusive package that is booked and paid for prior to leaving New Zealand.

These generally feature full insurance in over 40 countries with no excess, a full factory warranty and comprehensive 24-hour roadside assist.

Hiring a villa for a week is a great way to experience local living. Choose a central location from where you can easily discover nearby town.

Go somewhere different each day, while living among the locals in your rented villa,farmhouse or apartment.

Anne Graham, House of Travel destination product manager, UK & Europe

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