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04:36, Jun 13 2014

How would you combine NYC, Europe and Asia into the ultimate holiday? If you have a travel question, email us at

Q. I desperately want to go to NYC, Paris and Barcelona with maybe a five-day stopover homeward bound in Thailand or Malaysia. Please advise the best way budget-wise and time-wise to do this.

A. There are combination airfares that will take you around the world without having to purchase a very highly priced round-the-world airfare.

A combination airfare will allow you to stop at all of your chosen destinations.

We recommend starting your trip by heading to New York, where you will be able to explore some of the iconic highlights such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Manhattan.

From here, head over to Europe, making sure you have ample time in both Paris and Barcelona. They are great cities to explore on foot and both have a wonderful mix of history, art and culture, not to mention the food.


A stop in either Thailand or Malaysia on the way home will be the perfect end to a great holiday.

Depending on which airfare you select, one or two of your flights may need to be purchased on a separate ticket.

Regarding price, this varies according to the season, with travel in the European summer (June, July and August) being the most expensive. Pop into your closes House of Travel store and we can help with specific dates and airfare.

Kylie Downer and Anne Graham, House of Travel airfare specialist and UK & Europe Product Manager.

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