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04:32, Jun 13 2014

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Q. I'm travelling to Europe during August and spending four nights in London. I'm having trouble deciding the best area of London to stay in.

I want something that's in a good central location at a decent price and I know London hotels are expensive but I'm not so keen on having to catch the train for a long way to get into the city for sightseeing and shopping.

If you know of any specific hotels that would be perfect then please let me know.

A. One of the great things about London is that the central city is so well connected by the "Tube" which makes getting around really easy.

We recommend purchasing an Oyster Card which allows unlimited travel on the underground, the buses and the light rail. It's a swipe card and the "pay as you go" system charges you a discounted journey rate for each trip up to a capped level each day.


This means you can connect from whichever part of the city you are staying in, to all attractions, shopping and sightseeing within a reasonable amount of time.

In terms of location it is important to choose wisely. Many Kiwis love being near London's green spaces, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens or St James's Park.

In the villages all around these parks you will find accommodation ranging from budget and hostel style right through to four and five-star hotels and of course self-contained apartments.

It is important to remember that hotel rooms will generally be very compact and much less spacious than those in our modern cities and whilst you do get what you pay for, there are certainly many great three-star hotels that provide clean and comfortable accommodation.

Apartments certainly are more spacious and some have fully equipped kitchens, which are ideal for keeping costs down.

Anne Graham, House of Travel destination product manager, UK & Europe.

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