Advice: 2 weeks in Africa

19:00, Aug 03 2014

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Q. I only have 2 weeks to spend in Africa, including travelling time, and my wish list is to see the gorillas, see lots of game, and visit Victoria Falls. Is it possible to fit everything in?

A. A lesson many travellers have learnt on their return home is they never spend enough time in one place to truly appreciate where they've been. It is always better to choose less, enjoy it more.

You'll be hard pressed to fit in your whole wish list in just 10 days in Africa. Choose either Southern Africa where you can experience Victoria Falls then great game in Botswana, or east Africa where you can do your safaris through Kenya and Tanzania, then head up to Uganda for gorilla trekking.

A Victoria Falls plus Kenya and Tanzania combo may be possible, but pushing it.


Take into account the daily permit prices for gorilla trekking as they're set around between US$500-750 (NZ$588-NZ$882.5) per day, and travelling that far you will probably want 2 days trekking minimum.

When staring directly into those gorillas eyes though, I guarantee every dollar is worth it!  

Katie Searle, Africa & Latin America Product Executive, House of Travel.

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