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04:31, Aug 26 2014

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Q. Hi there, I would love to be able to do a trip that includes Brasil, Peru, Mexico and Cuba in a month or so. Is that possible or am I trying to cram too much in?

I have high expectations! I'd love to be active and do one or two of the standard touristy things. But I mainly like doing slightly smaller expeditions and seeing a bit of culture.

Would it be better to try and travel for three months or so?

A. You will need more time than a month to cover those 4 countries, up to a weeks worth of travel days are needed to fly between each destination.


The longer you can give to travelling Latin America, the more you'll see and the better experience there is to be had.

This goes with most continents wher neighbouring countries are so easy to reach. The contrasts and similarities between each country help to unravel an understanding of the Latin culture a lot better.

I would push your travel time out to 2 months at a minimum. Spending at least a week in each of these destinations will give you a good overview, but for the likes of Peru you'll need a good two weeks to cover its history, amazing ruins and get in a good dose of hiking.

You may want to hike the Inca Trail, but there are other trails that are less touristy and provide a more scenic walk.

Ecuador is so close to Peru, so it would be a shame to miss this place!

Brazil is a huge country, but if you just want to experience Rio De Janeiro and the Amazon then you're looking at a minimum of 8 days. Adding on Iguazu Falls will bring it to at least 10 days.

With so much to offer, Mexico is an easy 2 weeks too! If you're looking for history in the Mexico City region then try to visit both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, they are completely different, yet both so stunning.

Try to visit Guatemala for a week, this is a must do for any Central America visit and is rich in history, culture, full of adventurous activities and is generally a perfect country to cruise around and absorb your travel finesse

Do not fear "safety issues" here, as tourism is a huge income for Guatemala and they take good care of visitors. But of course you should take safety precautions as with any other country.

Cuba stands out from the rest with its own unique way of life like no other on this world, and must be experienced first-hand.

Wherever you go in Latin America, you'll be faced with plenty of adventurous routes along with touristy options, this area is a travellers dream for being so easy to get around.

Do a bit more research on your cultural and history wishlist, this might help define your trip duration.

Katie Searle, Africa & Latin America Product Executive, House of Travel.

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