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23:15, Aug 22 2013

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Q: Hi, I want to know why we can't embark and disembark a ship at Tauranga and why there is no terminable at the dock side. Thank you, Marie.

A: Hi Marie, cruise itineraries are typically designed so that all guests start and end on the same date and in the same port.

To have people joining and/or leaving during the journey can be complex to manage, both with customs regulations in each port as well as on board.

During the cruise season in New Zealand however we can from time to time organise an embark or disembark arrangement in the Port of Tauranga, depending on the cruise line and itinerary requested.


Q: Hi there, my husband and I are looking at Mediterranean cruises for next May/June. Wwhich cruise line would offer the best value - pay as you go (i.e. Princess, Celebrity X) or an all inclusive liner (i.e. Crystal, Silverseas)? Thanks, Sue.

A: Hi Sue, an important factor of any cruise is ensuring you select the right cruise line and ship as this decision has a big impact on your overall experience.

The cruise lines you mention will all provide a great holiday experience in the Mediterranean. One way to assist is to select the itinerary you'd like to do and then look at the cruise lines who offer this in the time period you wish to travel.

This then narrows down the options available and your local House of Travel store will be able to provide comparisons between the various lines for you to make your preferred selection.

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