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16:00, Oct 25 2013

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Q: I'm a single woman, in my 60s, planning to walk Camino de Santiago around May/June next year.

I'm thinking of flying into Barcelona to have a good look around before going on the trail, but where do you suggest flying to from Santiago before heading back to NZ?

A: I would choose to either discover more of Spain or perhaps see Portugal in depth.  


You could fly from Santiago to Madrid, spend just a couple of days enjoying the life in and around Plaza Mayor and visiting the Prado Museum, which houses one of the world's greatest art collections.

From here, catch the fast train to Seville, just 21⁄2 hours south. You'll be in the heart of Andalucia, which is encircled by mountains andthe Mediterranean, and is home to three World Heritage cities.

Seville's old city is fantastic to explore on foot. It's most famous for the Alcazar, its 14th-century palace; however you'll also enjoy the cobblestone lanes and the magnificent Moorish architecture.

Visit the neighbouring towns of Cordoba, famous for its Mezquita(cathedral-mosque) dating back to the 10th century, and Granada, with its stunning Alhambra Palace.

If you would prefer to go to Portugal, fly or go by road to nearby Oporto, another Unesco heritage city. Spend a couple of days exploring the oldRibeira district on the Tagus River.

Take a trip into the unspoilt Douro Valley, its hillsides clad in vineyards.

Anne Graham, Destination Product Manager, UK/Europe


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