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22:17, Nov 07 2013

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Q. I'm a 68-year-old female planning a May/June trip with a possible three nights in Paris.

Is it easy to book trips when I'm there, as opposed to booking tours from New Zealand to train down to the south of France for a six or seven-day walking tour, on to Croatia and maybe Venice for a coach tour for 10 to 12 days, then back to NZ?

I have travelled overseas many times, what would your opinion be if that would work. Budget is important. What would you suggest for sightseeing etc?

A. You can definitely book travel onsite when you arrive in Europe, although I would not recommend doing so on such a big trip.

July and August is peak season when the Europeans themselves are on holiday. As travellers from outside of Europe tend to avoid these months, this means May/June is very popular and places do book up early, especially on holiday weekends and festival and event periods.


The beauty of booking in NZ before you go means you can relax and get the maximum enjoyment out of your time on the ground, plus you know your budget and how much you have to spend.

Why not purchase a Eurail Pass which allows a certain number of days' rail travel within a set period. You could then go by train from Paris to Avignon in the south and use this as a base for doing day trips, or you could join a walking tour in the surrounding area which I would prebook.

From there, it's easy for you to train across to Venice for two or three days exploring, then onto Croatia where I would recommend a prebooked coach tour to get the most out of the time there.

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Anne Graham, Destination Product Manager, Uk & Europe

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