Advice: Best way to travel in Europe?

23:18, Nov 14 2013

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Q. We're looking at heading to Europe for three weeks, commencing next April. We wish to spend approximately a week each in Rome, Assisi and Salzburg.

Can you advise the best way to travel to these areas, after flying into Rome to start, perhaps? We don't drive, either!

A. You don't have to drive in Europe to get around!

The great news is that travelling by rail in Europe is fast and efficient, and is sometimes quicker than flying to your destination.

Services are very regular and reliable, which means you can get to your chosen destination faster, allowing you to spend more time there.


Because you are going to travel only two sectors, Rome to Assisi and then Assisi to Salzburg, I would suggest booking a seat on the train and not worrying about purchasing a Eurail Pass.

If you want to do more sectors, purchasing a Eurail Select Pass would be a good idea, as it allows you to select three to five boarding countries for a set number of days' travel within a specified period of time.

Seats on the train from Rome to Assisi can cost as little as $19 each way in second class, and can be booked at the Rome Termini station.

The train to Salzburg is a little more involved, and the costs reflect this - second class tickets start from $255 per person.

Jacqui Harvey, Assistant Destination Product Manager, UK/Europe

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