Advice: From Florence to Nice

22:46, Nov 25 2013

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Q. My husband and I are spending five weeks in Europe over December/January and we need to get from Florence to Nice.

What is the best way to make this trip in terms of time, comfort and money? We would prefer not to hire a car.

A. Ensuring that you have the best experience on holiday also includes getting around.

A bad flight or a stressful drive for example could set you up for disappointment which could very well travel with you for  the rest of your holiday.


The best way to make the Florence to Nice trip is by train, as train travel in Europe is extremely efficient and easy to use, with night trains, for example, a fantastic use of your time.

Travelling at night to Nice won't waste your daylight hours, when you could be using your time to explore.

Night trains offer seat or sleeper options - I would recommend splashing out and booking a sleeper.

It gives you the sense of security knowing your luggage is safely locked in the cabin with you, and allows you to have a good night's sleep and be ready to sightsee as soon as your train pulls into the station in the morning.

If you're planning on doing a few more train sectors in Europe, it may be worth looking at purchasing a Eurail Pass.

Jacqui Harvey, Assistant Destination Product Manager, UK/Europe

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