Advice: Christmas in Vietnam

20:17, Dec 05 2013

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Q. My girlfriend and I are heading to Vietnam, and would like a recommendation on the best place to be for Christmas in Vietnam. Ideally not being in a bustling city would be the best.

A. Vietnam is a great choice over this time of year.

It will be busy as it attracts a lot of travellers from the Northern Hemisphere as they escape their winter, as well as locals going back home to their families for a holiday, so trains and flights sell out - be sure to book in advance.


Hoi An would definitely be my pick. Located in central Vietnam, you have beaches just 5km from the old town.

In the old town, ancient shop houses are now filled with delightful cafes, restaurants, galleries and tailors crammed with colourful art, home wares and crafts.

Although Vietnam as a whole does not mark Christmas as a huge national celebration, there are still plenty of decorations and opportunities to get in the Christmas spirit.

If you want to have a traditional Christmas lunch, a lot of the five-star beachfront resorts throw spectacular dinners and love to shower their festive offerings if you are happy to pay.

Paula Watson, Destination Product Manager, Asia

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