Advice: A trip to the Emirates

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Q. We want to travel around the United Arab Emirates and are after some tips on the best way to travel within the Emirates.

I have heard that the driving is hair-raising, and am unsure whether catching a taxi, hiring a rental car or taking the bus would be the safest option?

Also, do you have any other suggestions for making the most of a trip to the Emirates?

A. Driving in Dubai/UAE could be a hair raising experience. Once out on the open road, it's no problem.

However, you will need to drive through the Metropolis of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, where most people would finish a car hire.

Other drivers are the biggest danger, road rules are not followed and their licensing process is relaxed. You could base yourselves in Dubai and do a variety of guided day trips.

You'll learn far more in your time by following a guide! Tours can cover desert explorations, a visit to the Hajar Mountains, Wadi excursions and history trips that include the oldest mosque in the UAE.

Other good city day visits are the Garden City of Al Ain and the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Taxis can be hired for day trips.

However, your driver is not going to provide the information a guided tour will provide.

Local buses work well between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are frequent, but less frequent between smaller towns and cities, so maybe a rental car is ideal for a couple of days if you want to stop freely in smaller areas and you know where you're going. You can always look at a serviced tour itinerary.

Nick Good, Adventure Wholesale Consultant

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