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00:43, Mar 11 2014

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Q. We are going to Vietnam in June 2014. We have been doing a bit of research ourselves regarding how to get from Nha Trang to Hue but we need expert advice please. There are 2 options that we are exploring: Either by train or by plane. Are you able to tell us?

1. Which is a better experience?

2. How long does it take by train and how frequent is the train from Nah Trang to Hue?


3. What is the cost of travel by train? By plane? If you know.

4. What would be your prefer option in terms of travel time and cost? Thanks, Betty.

A. Hi Betty. 1. If you have the time available the train will offer a unique experience with opportunities to interact with locals and fellow travellers and take in fabulous views of the country side and coastline.

2. The journey will take 12 plus hours to cover the 627 km distance. There are 5 departures each day. We recommend the SE4 Train departing Nha Trang at 05:36 and arriving in Hue 16:23. This departure has the most daylight hours to enjoy the views (otherwise most of the time is spent in the dark on the other departures) and is the best option with regards to seat choices - air-conditioned soft sleepers (4-berth), air-conditioned hard sleepers (6-berth) and air-conditioned soft seats.

3. An air-conditioned soft seat is approximately $47 per person, and a shared air-conditioned 4 berth soft sleeper is approximately $78 per person. There are no flights from Nha Trang to Hue. A flight from Nha Trang to Danang takes 1 hour and starts from approximately $183 per person depending on availability. You would then need to transfer through to Hue which takes approximately 2.5 hours.

4. This really depends on the experience you are after. I would be flying as the trains are tediously slow. However, if you are not including a rail sector elsewhere in Vietnam and have the luxury of time on your side to spend the 12+ hours on the train and are potentially on a budget as well, then the train will offer a unique experience.

Paula Watson, Destination Product Manager, Asia.

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