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04:32, Jun 13 2014

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Q. This July, I will be travelling around Europe with my sister. We want to leave Paris around July 16 and are checking into a hotel in Venice on July 18. We are hoping to travel by train.

We were thinking of stopping in Genoa for a couple of nights, but I'm not sure that Genoa will keep us occupied for that time. I want to do something exciting!

A coastal city in France or Italy might be nice. I am a first-time traveller to Europe.

A. I suggest leaving Paris a day or so earlier, which means you would spend the next three or four nights in one place, allowing you two or three full days to explore a new destination before catching the train onto Venice.

The Ligurian Riviera on the north Italian coast would be a fantastic place to spend your time. I personally wouldn't go to Genoa, which is essentially a cruise port with a lovely old town.


I would prefer to head to the gorgeous Cinque Terre region, which is great for people of any age to discover. You could stay at Monterosso, which is the northernmost of the five cute villages, perched on the hillsides overlooking the sea.

This town has more accommodation options to choose from than some of the smaller villages.

You would need to get a Cinque Terre Card available from tourist offices and the main train stations, which allows you access to the national park and walkways and includes transport by train between villages.

Anne Graham, House of Travel destination product manager, UK Europe.

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