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01:39, Apr 10 2014

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Q. My husband and I are going overseas in June/July and considering staying at Rapallo for a week. Do you think this is a good area? Or maybe you could suggest something else?

A. What a wonderful time of the year to be travelling to Italy. In June-July you will find summer is in full swing and being on the coast will be fantastic.


Rapallo is a nice area to visit but I would recommend to only stay for a few days then head down to the Cinque Terre and spend more time down there.

A must do while you are in Rapallo is a day trip to Portofino, a resort town of the rich and famous! It's a picturesque seaside village, with luxury hotels and mouth-watering restaurants.

And if you're travelling around July 1-3, you'll catch one of its liveliest festivals - the celebration of the Virgin, Madonna di Montallegro, whose sanctuary sits on a hill at the top of the town. There is a procession and a huge fireworks display and mock burning of the town's castle.

After a few days head down to the Cinque Terre, a Unesco World Heritage Site made up of five fishing villages clinging to the side of the cliffs. Get in quick though as accommodation in the villages fills up fast - or be prepared to stay at Levanto and take day trips to the villages.

Jacqui Harvey, Assistant Destination Product Manager, UK/Europe, at House of Travel.

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